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ICE arrestes more than 100 immigrants with criminal records

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Ice, arrests, immigrants, crime, USA
Ice arrests immigrants (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • ICE arrests 171 immigrants.
  • They were in the U.S. illegally.
  • The operation targeted 25 cities.

In an intense enforcement campaign, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced the arrest of 171 unauthorized noncitizens.

They have criminal records that range from murder to assault against children.

The operation was carried out in 25 major cities as part of an effort to remove dangerous individuals from the streets, according to ABC News.

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The arrests were confirmed in a statement by the acting director of ICE, Patrick J. Lechleitner, on Thursday, February 1.

«These were some very bad individuals that we wanted to take off the streets,» Lechleitner said, highlighting the serious nature of the people who were targeted.

More than 100 of them were sex offenders, and are expected to face deportation proceedings.

The operation reflects a shift in immigration enforcement priorities under the Biden administration, which has come under fire from Republicans.

ICE arrests immigrants with criminal records

ICE arrests 171 immigrants, United States, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Deportations, Criminal records
PHOTO Shutterstock

Now, crossing the border illegally is not enough to make a noncitizen a top priority for removal.

The focus has shifted to those who recently crossed the border and those with significant criminal records.

«We’re an intel-led organization and we’re going to target these individuals based on our priorities,» Lechleitner said, defending the new immigration enforcement structure.

Daniel Bible, head of ICE Detention and Removal Operations, highlighted the implementation of new technology to streamline immigration adjudication procedures.

A focus on large cities

ICE, United States, arrests, Criminal records, MundoNOW
PHOTO Shutterstock

«Depending on what cities you go to, you know, like the New York’s and Miami’s, there’s — there’s a high volume so it’s taken a while to actually get people scheduled in but what we are doing is we’re leveraging technology,» Bible explained.

Despite law enforcement successes, the agency emphasized the need for more resources to continue its fight against all criminal noncitizens.

According to ICE statistics, 73,822 noncitizens with criminal records were arrested last year, underscoring the magnitude of the challenge facing the agency.

Critics of the operation argue that while addressing public safety is essential, selective prioritization can leave other dangerous individuals unsupervised.

Tech is a fundamental pillar of ICE’s approach

ICE, United States, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Deportations, Criminal Records, Arrests
PHOTO Shutterstock

In this complex panorama, ICE emerges as a key actor.

This underlines its strategy, based on intelligence and technology, as essential elements to identify and detain dangerous individuals.

The use of advanced tools stands as a fundamental pillar in ICE’s approach to optimize the efficiency of detention and deportation processes.

This is especially true in high-volume cities like New York and Miami, as Daniel Bible pointed, according to ABC News.

Intrigue over ICE arrests

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Detentions, United States, Technology, Intelligence
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ICE, aware of its central role in this scenario, points out its commitment to intelligence and technology as catalysts to improve its operations.

However, the question remains whether these tools will be sufficient to address the complexity of migration challenges in the country.

Ultimately, the narrative around immigration policy in the US. is a balance between public safety and the call to respect the fundamental rights of those who seek a new life on American soil.

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