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Woman lets her husband have sex with other women to improve her marriage

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  • Woman allows her husband to have sex with other women to improve their marriage.
  • Monica Huldt confesses that sometimes they have a threesome just for fun.
  • They both have an OnlyFans profile.

Monica Huldt from OnlyFans confesses that she allows her husband to have sex with other women because she says it improves their marriage, would you allow that to happen or would you have some other alternative? We will tell you the story that was published on the site Mirror.

Nowadays, if a couple has problems in their relationship, the most recommended thing is to go to a couples therapy, either with a psychologist or, where appropriate, with a sexologist, however, this woman applied a very unusual method and she lets her husband interact intimately with other women.


Husband sex women marriage
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The reason that she applies is simple, she says that this way she improves her relationship with him. She is 37-year-old Monica Huldt and her partner is 40-year-old John. And although she knows that not all people do, she is firm in her decision. “In Sweden, people don’t really do that kind of thing, they don’t even talk about it.”

But she caused a controversy as she recently made headlines in the media for considering that more women should assume a domestic role of “traditional wife” at home, which generated multiple reactions for and against.

Husband sex women marriage: “I TRUST MY HUSBAND”

Monica huldt
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But Monica Huldt went further and confessed her suspicions: “I always knew that my husband was interested in having a threesome, but we never sat down to talk seriously about doing it”, and justifies her origins: “Besides that, I was raised Catholic, so sex was taboo at home, I wasn’t even allowed to go out with boys when I was a child. ”

And he added about the confidence he has in his partner to make these types of expressions: “I trust my husband 100% and I believe that including others in our marriage has made our sex life so wonderful and, in general, it has made our marriage so much stronger. “


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Monica Huldt is originally from Sweden but currently lives in Arizona, USA, currently has an account at OnlyFans and earns around $ 150,000 (£ 109,000) a month. She started a struggle with a low libido while working as a stripper in 2015.

“Before working online, I took daily shifts as a dancer at a strip club and that made me not really interested in sex. “I was surrounded by men my entire work week, being looked at and constantly having to be nice, made me feel pretty miserable afterward,” he recounted. Filed Under: Husband Sex Women Marriage

Husband sex women marriage: REMAINED WITHOUT SEXUAL DESIRE

Husband sex women marriage
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Then he confessed what he feels: “It really put me in a bad mood and when I got home I didn’t want to have sex or for my husband to touch me. That was obviously not good for our sex life or relationship. We went through really difficult times due to my lack of sexual desire and intimacy. It was really tough. ”

The couple looked for a way to solve everything because Monica felt “depressed and depressed” about her work, and the marriage could barely have sex once a month, which began to have some negative effects on her because of the situation.

Husband sex women marriage: THEY STARTED WITH A THREESOME

Monica huldt
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However, the model confesses that with the launch of an OnlyFans account she was able to increase her sexual desire, although she still has problems, which is why she gives John permission to do what in many couples would seem forbidden even for some religions.

After this, they put aside the shame and the couple opened their relationship, they had a threesome together. Monica said: “I knew John had always wanted a threesome, but I was always worried that he would have feelings for someone else. He had never given me reason to question his loyalty, but I was always paranoid, overprotective, and jealous.


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“In the past, he had really tested our relationship.” She recommended that John create his OnlyFans page and told him that he could have sex with whoever he wanted, so he agreed and it seems that this caused him to improve their intimacy and it shows in both of them.

However, John only has sex with other women for his OnlyFans page, an arrangement Monica wishes to continue. “Sometimes we have a threesome just for fun, but it’s mostly for the page. I wouldn’t date them, he’s not interested in that side of things, he’s just physical. Filed Under: Husband Sex Women Marriage


Husband sex women marriage
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“Most of the time we will be at home, but we will also often go to a hotel or Airbnb. We are friends with many women, so I never feel threatened. He texts them and talks to them, but none of that is a secret. I am always informed of everything, ”said the woman.

Currently Monica, who is also a model, has 273,000 followers on Instagram, and confessed: “I am a one-man woman. Sometimes we all go out to dinner, but he never goes out with them alone, “she said in relation to the women her husband knows on the page. Filed Under: Husband Sex Women Marriage


Husband sex women marriage

“If I am with a person, I am only with that person; I have to have a personal connection with the men I am having sex with. Even though I have sex with girls, I like the idea that John is the only man in my life, it makes me feel more special ”said the woman.

But beyond that, she reveals that there is a very special physical connection with her husband and that this allows her not to feel jealous of any woman, despite having relationships with them: “However, I don’t mind sharing my husband. I find it sexy. ” Filed Under: Husband Sex Women Marriage

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