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Humberto Zurita confirms relationship with Stephanie Salas (VIDEO)

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  • The Mexican actor finally reveals the truth about Stephanie Salas!
  • Humberto Zurita was upset with the press days ago.
  • Rumors have been swirling about the romance.

The Mexican actor, producer and film director Humberto Zurita has been involved in controversy in recent days, since his alleged relationship with Luis Miguel’s ex, Stephanie Salas, has been a topic of conversation throughout Mexico and Latin America. There has been much speculation.

The 68-year-old actor was «thinking about it» for a few days, but in the end he wound up revealing the truth, which was inevitable. Stephanie Salas is the daughter of actress Sylvia Pasquel and granddaughter of Silvia Pinal. She is a Mexican singer and actress.

Humberto Zurita responds to questions about the romance

Humberto Zurita relationship Stephanie Salas
PHOTO: YouTube

Zurita exploded a few days ago while talking to the press when reporters asked him about the rumors of an alleged affair with Sylvia Pasquel’s daughter. The producer did not hesitate to put a stop to the ‘gossip’ and this is how he replied:

“I don’t answer rumors. It’s the only thing that matters to you?” Then he proceeded to talk about how he gets along with Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter, whom he said is an exceptional person and that he has always had a good relationship with her and with her grandmother. Filed Under: Humberto Zurita Relationship Stephanie Salas


Humberto Zurita relationship Stephanie Salas
PHOTO: YouTube

However, the actor responded to questions on Maxine Woodside’s program about his relationship with Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter. He finally revealed the truth but wouldn’t put a label on their relationship.

«You ask me what’s up with Stephanie Salas and the only thing I’m going to tell you is: I love her, period. okay? Clever. The rest, you write what you want and say what you want,” said the Mexican actor, producer and director and widower of Christian Bach. Filed Under: Humberto Zurita Relationship Stephanie Salas

Was he upset with the press?

PHOTO: YouTube

«I tell the guys that I don’t invite people I don’t know, I don’t think you do,» he said, speaking to journalists at the airport. “Then there are things that one has to say, for me my premiere on the History Channel, my premiere of Papito Querido on the 14th, is more important than talking about personal things that I’m not interested in talking about.»

Humberto Zurita was annoyed by the fact that he was asked so many times about his supposed romance with Stephie. In the interview with Maxine he said that he has been annoyed with the press because they have dealt more with the subject of these speculations than his projects. (WATCH VIDEO) Filed Under: Humberto Zurita Relationship Stephanie Salas

Does Humberto love Stephanie very much?

PHOTO: Mezcaliente

Zurita has been asked the question many times, so journalist Mandy Fridmann of La Opinión did not hesitate to ask Andy Chiarello about what is happening between the two actors. In the interview revealed by the media, he pointed out that Christian Bach and Stephanie Salas were friends.

«He told me that he loved her very much, that even Stephie had told him that she and Christian had been close friends for many years, something that he did not know,» the Argentine journalist reported to La Opinión, after revealing his interview with Humberto Zurita. Filed Under: Humberto Zurita Relationship Stephanie Salas

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