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Humberto Zurita is no longer hiding his love for Stephanie Salas and reveals something about Christian Bach

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  • Humberto Zurita remembers Christian Bach.
  • Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter shows off her relationship.
  • What did Humberto say about Stephanie?

A few days ago it was confirmed that Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas were in a relationship. In a recent interview, the actor revealed that he is actually very much in love with Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter. He also said that his deceased wife Christian Bach is still present.

He mentioned how his children reacted when he told them he was in a relationship with Stephanie. He also revealed something unexpected from the Argentinian and the Mexican, which surprised internet users. Finally, he said what had prevented him from falling in love with Salas.

How did Humberto Zurita’s children react?

How did your children react?
PHOTO: Instagram

«My son Sebastián gathered a group of friends to go to Valle de Guadalupe and one day I told him (he mimics a phone call): ‘Hey, I’m going to take Stephanie Salas,'» he told Despierta América. The  eldest son of Zurita and Christian Bach was happy: “He told me: ‘Are you going out with her dad? Oh, how cool!’” the actor shared.

However, the trip with friends would become a family experience, as Michelle Salas and Camila Valero also accompanied their mother, something the actor told his son. He added that Sebastian referred to them as «his sisters».

Zurita remembers Christian Bach often

Reminds me a lot of Christian Bach
PHOTO: Instagram

Zurita and Bach were married for 36 years and from their love Emiliano and Sebastián Zurita were born. The months go by and, although the actor remains active at work and looks after his children, it is inevitable for him not to think about her.

In addition, Humberto said in the interview that he puts into practice his wife Christian Bach’s teaching: «It’s very clear to me that one day we are going to die and we don’t know how and that life without love has no meaning,»  he reiterated in the interview. FILED UNDER: Humberto Zurita Stephanie Christian

Humberto Zurita reveals that he is in love

Humberto Zurita Stephanie Christian: Reveal that he fell in love
PHOTO: Instagram

«She’s a beautiful woman in every sense of the word, she’s very cultured,» said actor Humberto Zurita. He admitted that although he has known Stephanie for many years, because of the age gap between them, he never saw her as a romantic partner. «She worked with us from a very young age, that’s why I never saw her as a woman, because I’ve been with her for years.»

However, Salas has something that Humberto loves, intelligence, which is why he fell in love with her. «She has great culture, I love intelligent women, I love them,» said the actor. He also revealed that he gets along very well with Michelle and Camila.

Humberto Zurita makes surprising revelation about Christian Bach

Humberto Zurita Stephanie Christian: Makes surprising revelation of Christian Bach
PHOTO: Instagram

The actor surprised everyone when he said that his late wife and Stephanie were very close: “She was very close to Christian, very close, but I didn’t even know it. And she called her for several of our jobs, we always had a friendship. Now she tells me that Christian went to her parties a lot.” WATCH VIDEO HERE

“THUS speaks an intelligent and self-confident man and above all a gentleman. My respects,» commented a follower of Despierta América on the video of the interview that the actor gave to several media outlets. FILED UNDER: Humberto Zurita Stephanie Christian

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