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Colorado man arrested for cyberstalking and blackmail

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Hugo Iram Cardona (Photo: Texas U.S. Attorney's Office/Shutterstock)
  • Hugo Iram Cardona was arrested for cyberstalking.
  • He stole intimate photos.
  • There may be more victims.

Hugo Iram Cardona, 21, faces serious federal charges.

He has admitted to cyberstalking three women.

He threatened to publish intimate videos and photographs if they did not agree to his demands.

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How did Hugo Iram Cardona get the photos?

Hugo Iram Cardona, cyberstalking, blackmail, snapchat, photos
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Cardona’s crimes occurred between August 15, 2020 and June 1, 2023.

According to the investigation, there are at least 15 victims, located in the states of Texas, Colorado and Arizona.

According to court documents, Cardona used a two-factor authentication (2FA) scheme to gain access to the women’s Snapchat accounts to steal their intimate photos and videos.

He then contacted them using numerous social media accounts on interactive computer services, such as Instagram and Snapchat, and blackmailed them.

It can happen to anyone

Hugo Iram Cardona, cyberstalking, blackmail, snapchat, photos
PHOTO Shutterstock

He “demanded that they ‘apologize,’ or he would publicly release the content. In most cases, Cardona would also demand his victims video chat with him while engaging in sexually explicit conduct,” the Texas Attorney’s Office details in a release.

Agents from the FBI and Homeland Security took over the investigation against Cardona.

They determined that all the Instagram accounts, Snapchat accounts and TextNow numbers from which the victims received messages were registered in the name of the accused.

Although court records do not specify where or when Cardona was arrested, authorities believe there is sufficient evidence against him.

Hugo Iram Cardona could spend years in prison

investigations, victims, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, MundoNOW
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Hugo Iram Cardona pleaded guilty in federal court in El Paso to three counts of cyberstalking.

Cardona will be sentenced on June 3 and faces up to 10 years in prison for each charge. However, his sentence could be greater if more victims are found.

That is why investigators are calling on the public to contact them if anyone knows of someone who has had contact with Cardona or any of his usernames on the three social media platforms.

The names are: “idkprii85,” “designoiram,” “juniorrriram,” “urfavpapi,” “urdvddyjunie” and “juniorrhernandez” as well as Snapchat accounts “juniepri,” “asap_juniorrr” and “juniorrriram.”

The investigation is still active

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Agents say, “Victim identities are private, and case-related information is confidential.”

The FBI, HSI and the El Paso Police Department continue to investigate, while Assistant U.S. Attorneys Shane Romero and Nallely Barbosa are prosecuting the case and are committed to getting justice for the victims.

Parents, representatives or caregivers of children are warned to be alert. Since 2006 there has been an exponential increase in cases of child pornography stemming from social media.

Authorities are committed to arresting and prosecuting people who exploit children through the internet.

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