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Huge ‘meteorite’ reported in South Texas

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  • Texas authorities reported a likely meteorite fell to earth.
  • Residents heard a loud explosion and felt their houses shake.
  • Two planes observed the object.

Meteorite falls in Texas. Authorities have issued an alert in South Texas after reports of a huge meteorite, which shook the homes of residents who live near where the object fell. So far the incident is still being investigated.

Witnesses say that they heard a loud explosion when the meteorite fell to the ground. Two planes reported seeing the gigantic rock falling in the Lone Star State around 8:30 p.m., according to The Sun.

Meteorite reported in Texas

Meteorite fall reported in Texas

Houston Air Traffic Control received reports from two planes that claimed to have seen a meteorite west of McAllen, «The exact point of impact is unknown,» Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra tweeted.

He added: «No reports of any damage in that area has been received.» So far it is not known exactly what really fell from space so investigations continue.

Authorities receive calls from residents

Texas Meteorite Fall: They receive calls from residents

Police Chief César Torres told the media that they began receiving calls just before 6 p.m. and have now received hundreds of reports from residents saying the “ground was shaking». Those closest to the impact even heard the explosion.

Similarly, police received reports of what sounded like a «loud explosion» in Mission, which is just north of the US-Mexico border. A huge streak of fire also appeared in the sky.

There is no confirmation yet

There is no communication yet

One person claimed on Facebook that «everyone heard the loud noise and houses shook». Authorities requested air support from the Texas Department of Public Safety following reports of the meteorite.

Authorities are searching the place where the meteorite supposedly fell. Despite the investigations, officials have not issued a statement in this regard, according to El Universal.

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