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The ‘Hoy Día’ audience is furious at Chikybombom

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  • Is Chikybombom in trouble?
  • The new era of Telemundo’s Hoy Día is having problems.
  • Is Chikybombom responsible for Adamari López losing followers?

Two weeks have passed since the start of the new chapter of Hoy Día, Telemundo’s morning show, under Dio Lluberes, former producer of Venga la Alegría in Mexico. He added new segments and hosts such as Penélope Cruz, Andrea Meza and Chikybombom, who has been harshly criticized for her lack of experience — so much so that the fans of Adamari López issued a threat.

Adamari López is leading the show with her charisma and experience, as well as the affection of the audience who continue to watch because of her. However, could that change if the audience can’t tolerate TikToker turned host Chikybombom’s lack of experience?

Is Chikybombom causing problems?

Chikybombom is disowned
Instagram: Today Day

Many have criticized the new Hoy Día, which seems to be unable to find its way even with the most important figure at Telemundo in charge. However, Adamari López cannot carry the show on her own, so it is hoped that ratings will go up soon and the morning show will compete with Despierta América.

While many people have expressed their anger at the way in which the hosts’ different tragedies were exploited in the first week, making several cry, Chikybombom has been criticized for absolutely everything, since her lack of experience is noticeable and the audience isn’t happy.

Is Adamari López facing the consequences for her cohosts?

Adamari López can't stand it anymore?

Adamari López fills the screen with professionalism and affection and, while many people love her, they can’t tolerate that Chikybombom does not know how to interview or even speak. Some people even threatened to stop watching the program if they do not take her out or give her some training.

This week, Hoy Día shared a video on Instagram where they confirmed ‘La Materialista’ will appear on La Casa de los Famosos 3., Andrea Meza and Chikybombom can be seen interviewing her but people became enraged because they couldn’t understand the Dominican’s accent.

People are angry because of Chikybombom

Adamari López is moving forward today

While interviewing La Materialista, Chikybombom took the opportunity compliment her for also being from the Dominican Republic, but the TikToker’s shouts and euphoria annoyed several people who commented: “She looks super lost and that tone of voice, I don’t see it, this is crazy.” “I don’t know who she is, and the other (Chiky) well there is no way to help her, the truth is that nothing can be done with her.” “For Chiky the program is not going to take off, who can think of it.”

Some even threatened to stop watching the show, even if they loved Adamari López very much: «I don’t even watch the program anymore just listening to it makes me desperate.» «But what I want to know, why the brunette from the beginning of the program until it ends is she showing her teeth, can someone explain that to me or is it to be noticed?» «What a ridiculous woman Chiky is, they damaged the program.» «I don’t see that program anymore, that Chiky is unbearable.» «My head hurts listening to her.»

Adamari López puts all her effort into getting the show off the ground

Chikybombom doesn't even know how to talk

While the other presenters are attacked, Adamari López practically begs viewers to watch Hoy Día program. Twice she has shared videos asking people to interact on Twitter and send in photos for a section in which they want to celebrate their audience for special events in their lives.

Andrea Meza, the former Mexican Miss Universe is the only one who has been spared from people’s comments, since Penélope Menchaca is not so liked by the audience who have been watching her for many years on 12 Corazones. SEE THE VIDEO OF CHIKYBOMBOM INTERVIEWING LA MATERIALISTA. Some images in this article come from the following video.

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