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How would police enforce the new Texas migrant law?

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How would police enforce SB4? (Photo: The Associated Press)
  • How would police enforce SB4?
  • The controversial law is currently on hold.
  • There are questions about how it would work.

A controversial law in Texas that would allow police to arrest and deport undocumented immigrants is currently under review by the courts.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott has pushed the measure, which has sparked intense debate.

Meanwhile, tensions persist along the southern border of the United States, underscoring the growing discord over immigration.

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How would would police enforce SB4?

How would police enforce SB4, texas, immigration, razor wire, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

The controversial new law in Texas, which would allow police to detain and deport individuals who enter the United States irregularly, is currently blocked by the courts.

A federal appeals court is reviewing its constitutionality.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments on Wednesday in a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice.

The law was pushed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

Waiting for the courts to rule

How would police enforce SB4, immigration, texas, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

The decision from the three-judge panel is still pending, the future of this legislation is uncertain.

SB4 would empower any police officer in Texas to detain individuals suspected of irregular entry into the country.

These individuals could be prosecuted for misdemeanor illegal entry or receive judicial orders to leave the U.S.

The law has been controversial since it was first introduced.

Is the law enforceable?

law, migrant rights, Court of Appeals, constitutional conflict, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

During the brief period the law was in effect, there were no detentions, The Associated Press reported.

Its critics, including Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, fear it could lead to racial profiling and family separation.

The suspension of the law has sparked intense debate over its constitutionality and practical implications.

On one side, the Department of Justice, legal experts and migrant rights advocacy groups argue that the violates federal authority.

Could SB4 have unintended consequences for the United States?

immigration policy, southern border, United States, Mexico, legal controversy, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

Federal District Judge David Ezra, supported by others, argues that the law could interfere with U.S. foreign relations.

He also highlighted that it could interfere with some international treaties. On the other hand, Texas has defended the law, arguing that it reflects federal legislation and does not conflict with it.

However, its practical application poses considerable challenges, according to the AP.

Although the law could be applied in any county in Texas, it is expected that the majority of detentions will occur within a 50 mile strip along the Mexico border.

What does Texas law entail?

How would police enforce SB4, border, immigration, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

Additionally, exclusions for enforcement have been established, such as schools, places of worship and healthcare facilities.

Uncertainty persists regarding the fate of migrants who are ordered to leave the country.

Although the law stipulates that they should be sent to ports of entry along the Mexico border, Mexico has declared that it will not accept the return of any migrants from Texas.

This situation raises questions about how deportations would be managed and what impact they would have on the bilateral relations between the United States and Mexico.

Joe Biden vs. Greg Abbott?

foreign relations, international treaties, border with Mexico, law enforcement, MundoNOW
Foto: AP

The suspension of this law comes amid ongoing tensions at the southern border of the United States.

While detentions for irregular crossings decreased in January, Texas has accused thousands of migrants of trespassing on private property.

Furthermore, tensions persist between the Biden administration and the state of Texas, with Governor Abbott arguing that the federal government is not doing enough to enforce immigration laws.

This has led to the implementation of additional measures by Texas, such as installing physical barriers in the Rio Grande and barbed wire along the border.

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