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How to Winterize a House in 10 Simple Steps

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Get ready for winter! Avoid roughing it during the colder months of the year by taking preventive measures which will help you feel safe and warm in the comfort of your home. It’s also important to prevent possible damage from snow, hail and rain. Here we give you 10 simple tips for how to winterize a house that will ensure you weather the colder months in a safe and cozy home!

Protect pipes and drains

Before winter comes, it’s important to do a general cleaning of your home paying special attention to the pipes and drains, since they can be prone to freezing. In extreme temperatures, the parts of your home that have less insulation or are closer to the exterior could stop working properly. This puts you and your plumbing at risk.

Adjust your thermostat

How to Winterize a House in 10 Simple Steps

The winter season often means higher energy bills. Experts recommend setting the thermostat to an average temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit, or 18 degrees Celsius. This, together with making sure you have proper insulation will help you stay warm without breaking the bank.

Test your smoke detectors

During the winter, it is more common for people to use their fireplaces, wood burning stoves and space heaters. This greatly increases your chances of having an accidental fire. For this reason, it’s recommended to confirm all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. It’s also a good time to change the batteries.

Seal the cracks

How to Winterize a House in 10 Simple Steps

The last thing you want during winter is to have unnecessary drafts. Therefore, remember to seal all the holes or cracks that you find in your home with putty before it gets too cold. Go over every nook and cranny of your house from the attic to the basement and make sure you’ve sealed all the cracks.

Check your insulation

If you want to protect yourself from the cold, but also save money on heating, make sure your insulation is in good shape. In addition to protecting your walls and ceilings from freezing temperatures, proper insulation will also help keep your pipes from freezing and bursting.

Prepare the exterior

How to Winterize a House in 10 Simple Steps

Along with the preparations inside the home, do not forget that to take care of the outside of your house. A few weeks before the official arrival of winter, get rid of all damaged trees or branches that could fall on your roof or power lines. During a storm tree branches can do a lot of damage.

Repair the roof

Give special attention to cleaning and renovating your roof during the winter since it is the most exposed to wind, rain and snow. If your roof collapses or leaks when there’s inclement weather, it can cost you a significant amount of time and money. Not too mention, you’ll be exposed to harsh winter temperatures.

Trim the trees

An image of a house in winter season


Investing in landscaping services is more than worth it during the winter. It’s especially helpful to have experts take a look at your trees and shrubs so they can recommend any steps you should take to protect your home from the elements. This service will most likely include leaf trimming from the largest trees.

Check your fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, this is the perfect time to inspect it to make sure there are no animals or insects hiding inside it. Being an area of ​​the home that is not used on a regular basis, it is common to find insects, animals and accumulated waste that could be dangerous when you use it for the first time this year.

Clean the garage


Don’t forget to do clean the garage! This is a valuable space in your home that can be extremely useful to guard against inclement weather and to protect your most valuable personal belongings. Now that you know how to take care of your home during the winter, you are ready to save some money and stay safe. Enjoy the cold in a cozy, worry-free environment! The post How to Winterize a House in Ten Simple Steps appeared first on Mundo Hispanico.

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