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How to support veterans on Veterans Day and beyond

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How to support veterans (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Support veterans on Veterans Day.
  • In fact, honor them all year round!
  • We celebrate this holiday on November 11.

Veterans Day, observed on November 11, stands as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by the brave men and women who have served in the military.

It’s a day when we come together as a nation to express our gratitude and appreciation for their dedication and service.

However, as important as it is to commemorate veterans on this special day, our support for them should not be confined to a single date on the calendar.

The valor and commitment exhibited by veterans should be recognized and celebrated year-round.

Volunteer your time

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One of the most meaningful ways to support veterans is by volunteering at organizations that assist them.

Many veterans face challenges in transitioning to civilian life, and your time and skills can make a difference.

Consider volunteering at VA hospitals, offering job search assistance, participating in programs that support veterans’ mental health, or simply spending time with them.

Simply listening to their stories and providing companionship can make an enormous difference in their lives.

Donate to veteran charities

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Numerous charitable organizations are dedicated to helping veterans and their families.

Whether you can spare a little or a lot, donating to these charities can make a significant impact.

Research reputable organizations that allocate funds efficiently to provide essential services such as housing, medical care, education, and mental health support.

Your contributions can directly improve the lives of veterans in need no matter how small they are.

Support veterans by being mindful and compassionate

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Sometimes, supporting veterans can be as simple as being mindful and compassionate. Understand that some veterans may carry physical or emotional scars from their service.

Show respect and sensitivity when discussing their experiences, and offer a listening ear if they want to share their stories.

By fostering a culture of empathy and understanding, you create a welcoming environment for veterans and their families.

Incorporating these small yet impactful acts of kindness into your daily interactions can make a significant difference in veterans’ lives and promote a culture of respect and support.

Advocate for veteran rights

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Photo: Shutterstock

Supporting veterans also involves advocating for their rights and well-being no matter what time of year.

Stay informed about issues that affect veterans and their families, and be willing to advocate for fair treatment and improved services when necessary.

Joining or supporting veteran advocacy groups can amplify your voice and make a difference on a larger scale.

By participating in advocacy efforts, you help ensure that veterans receive the support and benefits they deserve.

Send care packages to support veterans

Iwo Jima Memorial, Washington DC, Marines who have died, tourist attraction
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Deployed service members and veterans often appreciate care packages filled with essentials and reminders of home.

Organizations like Operation Gratitude can help you send care packages to troops and veterans in need.

By assembling and sending care packages, you show your gratitude and provide comfort to those serving far from home.

Sending care packages not only brings practical comforts but also serves as a tangible expression of gratitude,

Support veteran-owned businesses

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Photo: Shutterstock

Look for businesses owned by veterans and remind our deployed service members and veterans that their sacrifices are deeply appreciated and their well-being is a priority.

Purchasing products or services from these businesses helps veterans succeed in the civilian world and contributes to their economic stability.

By choosing to support veteran-owned enterprises, you promote their entrepreneurial endeavors and celebrate their achievements.

Supporting veteran-owned businesses not only enhances their economic stability but also acknowledges the skills and resilience veterans bring to the business world.

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