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4 tips to stay healthy as you get older

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  • Adopting certain habits could help you stay healthy in old age.
  • 95% of older adults suffer from some chronic disease. 
  • Learn the best tips to stay feeling young.

Want to know how to stay healthy in old age? Find out the best tips! A study by the  National Council on Aging (NCOA) found that 95% of the US population over the age of 65 suffers from some type of illness that affects their quality of life.

These diseases include diabetes, respiratory illnesses, cognitive decline and stroke to name a few. However, adopting some simple habits could be the answer to staying healthy as long as possible Find out how!

4. How to stay healthy in old age: Be physically active

How to stay healthy in old age

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been very proactive about sharing tips on how to stay healthy in old age. One of the most important is physical activity such as walking, low-impact aerobics, yoga or swimming.

After the age of 65, regular light to moderate physical activity is recommended to improve mobility, help your body continue to work properly and keep your bones and muscles strong enough to carry out daily activities. It also lowers your risk chronic pain and injury due to falls.

3. Avoid alcohol and tobacco

Alcoholic drinks

What’s the best way to stay healthy in old age? Health risks increase as time passes. Diseases or conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis or depression often arise. Using alcohol and tobacco and increase these risks.

Cirrhosis, pulmonary emphysema or some types of cancer are related to alcohol and tobacco use so it’s best to gradually cut them out as you get older. Avoiding alcoholic beverages and tobacco will help maintain bone, kidney, stomach, and liver health, as well as improve mental health and stave off cognitive decline.

2. Annual checkups: One of the best tips for how to stay healthy in old age

How to stay healthy in old age

One of the best tips for how to stay healthy in old age is to schedule regular checkups with your doctor. Men should be monitored for prostate health, blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer, and depression.

For women, checkups are recommended to detect different types of cancer such as ovarian, colon and breast. Women should also get routine tests such as bone density, glucose and cholesterol. Keeping track of your health will help you treat conditions in a timely manner.

1. Eat a balanced diet

balanced diet

As you age, you need to eat less food so it’s important to pay more attention to nutrition. For example, a group of scientists found that during adulthood, the volume of food consumed begins to decline over time. Therefore, it is important to integrate more foods with fiber and nutrients into your diet.

Eating a balanced diet is essential to keep your body functioning properly but remember that a doctor will be better able to help you find out how to stay healthy in old age, taking factors like genetics and lifestyle into consideration.

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