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Learn how to prevent cardiac arrest

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  • 90% of cardiac arrests are fatal.
  • In the United States, about 356,000 cardiac arrests occur each year.
  • Find out how to prevent cardiac arrest.

Find out how to prevent cardiac arrest! According to data from the American Heart Association, in 2022 there were 356,000 cardiac arrests in the United States, placing it as a health emergency that is fatal in at least 90% of cases.

Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart’s rhythm changes abruptly, known as an arrhythmia. This means that the heart’s electrical system stops working properly, resulting in sudden cardiac arrest. But is there a way to prevent this? Learn about the best advice from health experts here.

4. How to prevent cardiac arrest: Regular studies in people with a history of heart disease

How to prevent cardiac arrest

According to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in five deaths in the United States occurs from heart disease. As of 2018, the CDC reported at least 30 million Americans suffered from heart disease.

For this reason, most cardiovascular health experts recommend regular screening for any abnormalities in heart function, especially in people with a history of heart disease whose parents, grandparents, or close relatives have had a heart attack, stroke or congenital heart disease.

3. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Healthy life

Knowing how to prevent cardiac arrest will lead you to make more responsible decisions for the care of your mind and body. A study published in PubMed found that at least 31% of the world’s population maintains a sedentary lifestyle, a fact that increases the risk of heart disease or suffering from cardiac arrest due to poor management of other conditions.

Regular light to moderate physical activity could reduce the risk of suffering conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes, in addition to helping to improve the functioning of the heart. However, it is important to consult with a doctor to determine the ideal type of exercise for you.

2. Take medication for chronic diseases

How to prevent cardiac arrest

How to prevent cardiac arrest in healthy people? Although there are many reasons why an event of this type can occur, it’s ideal to consult a cardiologist who will be able to detect, rule out, or treat any condition that could affect heart health and cause sudden cardiac arrest.

People who suffer from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, diabetes or a history such as heart attacks or strokes, must take any prescribed medications and consult their doctor if sudden symptoms such as palpitations, fainting or difficulty to breathe arise.

1. Avoid alcohol and tobacco: One of the best tips on how to prevent cardiac arrest

heart health

One of the best tips for how to prevent cardiac arrest is to avoid alcoholic beverages. This is because alcohol consumption is one of the most common triggers for cardiac arrest since, in some cases, it affects the state of the coronary arteries, angina or heart rhythm.

Tobacco contains chemicals that can lead to blood clots in the veins and arteries that could cause sudden death, even in people who do not have a history of coronary disease. Thus, it’s ideal is to avoid alcohol and tobacco as well as a eating a healthy diet with regular exercise to minimize the risk of cardiac arrest.

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