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5 red flags your partner is toxic

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  • How can you identify a toxic person?
  • Some behaviors can indicate a person isn’t good for you.
  • 5 red flags that show that a relationship is not healthy.

Are you worried you may be in a toxic relationship? These five red flags could help you figure it out! Everyone is different and, sometimes when you’re falling in love it’s easy to ignore negative behavior, the reality is that there are some signs that something could be wrong.

These five behaviors will help you determine if a person is toxic and whether it is best for you to keep your distance from them. These are characteristics that tend to get worse over time and it’s important to protect yourself. Find out what they are!

5. How to detect a toxic person? They’re controlling

How to spot a toxic person

One way to detect a toxic person is by observing how they behave around you and around others. If they make a habit of paying attention to every little thing you do or disagreeing with most of your decisions, they could be a controlling person who will cause you problems in the long run.

A toxic person may try to control your life, your actions and your thoughts. If they aren’t willing to engage in dialogue with you, it may be time to get some space.

4. They are manipulative

manipulative man

Sometimes it is not so easy to detect a toxic person, especially if your partner is manipulative. On many occasions, it’s hard to figure out what’s going on but it can affect your relationship.

A manipulative person will try to influence your decisions, making you believe that you are not capable of going after what you want or that the things you think, say or do are wrong. Given this, it’s best to focus on making yourself happy.

3. They are irresponsible

irresponsible man

Irresponsibility is one of the main red flags to identify a toxic person, especially if they avoid making decisions that take into account the well-being of others, such as their partner or children. An irresponsible person may have many other good attributes, but it’s not good for a relationship.

Irresponsibility has many consequences. It puts all the weight on your shoulders and it indicates a lack of accountability. A toxic person tends to make impulsive decisions that, in the worst case, could put those around them at physical or emotional risk.

2. They hurt you: A surefire way to detect a toxic person

How to spot a toxic person

Do you want to identify a toxic person? Notice the things they say and the way they express themselves. Many times it’s easy to ignore verbal abuse but over time it can turn physical and either way it’s damaging.

It is not normal to receive constant criticism, insults or be the subject of «jokes» that make you feel bad about your looks or personality. If your relationship makes you feel bad, seek advice from your closest friends and family.

1. They’re unsupportive

couple fighting

Lack of support is key to detecting a toxic person. Jealousy can lead to a lack of support, making it more difficult to believe in yourself or to pursue goals for fear your partner will reject you.

When your partner is unsupportive it can make you feel that your dreams are invalid or impossible to reach. That kind of person will make your life more complicated, so it’s time to consider whether it’s really worth maintaining a relationship with someone so toxic.

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