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How to get started on OnlyFans

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  • Thinking of starting an OnlyFans?
  • Find out how to get started on the popular platform.
  • Why more and more content creators choose OnlyFans.

More and more content creators are deciding to get started on OnlyFans, either for the type of posts they want to share or because it is a potentially very lucrative source of income.

OnlyFans has managed to position itself as an attractive alternative for influencers fitness, models, chefs, actors and actresses, as well as sex workers, who have people willing to pay a monthly subscription to access exclusive, often intimate or adult, content. However, OnlyFans also has some requirements. Find out how to get started on OnlyFans!

Minimum age

Woman painted red lips as an onlyfans idea

One of the main requirements to start an OnlyFans, either as a creator or as a user, is that you must be over 18 years old. This is because the platform does not have a parental control that prevents access to adult content.

OnlyFans takes age very seriously and any content that poses a risk to children and adolescents will be reported to the authorities. Although there is no parental control, content creators will be able to restrict, block or report suspicious accounts.

Identity verification

Padlock as a security idea on onlyfans

Another thing you need to get started on OnlyFans, both as a content creator and as a user, is to have photo identification. This is to avoid certain risks associated with the production and consumption of adult content.

For example, having identification as one of the requirements to start on OnlyFans, reduces the risk of someone else stealing your content. It also helps prevent creators from sharing others’ content without their consent.

Create an OnlyFans account


To share content on OnlyFans it is necessary to open an account specifying the age, name and type of content that will be shared on the network. You also need to provide a payment method and the amount of you will charge for subscriptions.

Opening an OnlyFans account is relatively simple, but it is a detailed process that has to go through a verification that includes information such as: email, basic information, identity verification and bank account number.

Adhere to the OnlyFans terms of service


OnlyFans content creators and their followers must follow the community rules, which seek to ensure integrity of all visitors and adhering to international laws.

OnlyFans rules include setting a subscription amount, verifying the identity of the user and content creator, not collecting or sharing images without the person’s consent, and never sharing content featuring a minor or any other person who has not consented to their image being used.

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