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How To Get Rid Of Mice Naturally: 10 Sure Ways To Keep Your Home Pest Free

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Preventing mouse infestation is a task that can be done naturally, without having to put at risk animals that live in the house, and even protect rodents that often find shelter indoors and outdoors. Although it may seem like a complicated task, there are natural and very simple ways to prevent your house from becoming a home for mice and other types of rodent. Get to know the most practical ones!

Eliminate all possible nests

The best natural method that exists to prevent pests and get rid of mice in your home is to eliminate all possible nests in which they can hide and reproduce. It is necessary to eliminate all the garbage, food remains and storage of products that you no longer use. The cardboard boxes, the dog food and the trash help mice find the perfect space to build their burrows.

Seal cracks from mice

Mice in a type of container

This is especially useful when you live in areas surrounded by nature, since mice have the ability to sneak into the smallest possible areas. Remember if the crack is the size of the mouse’s head, it will be able to enter a place without a problem. Mice can get in through the smallest cracks. To avoid this you can carry out a thorough inspection to detect the areas that represent the most access and you can resort to the application of putty or use steel covers to reinforce the surfaces.

Use essential oils

An all-natural way to repel mouse infestations is through scent, especially if the scent is strong enough, such as peppermint essential oil. Mice tend to run away from these types of scents. It will be enough to apply a few drops of this essential oil in strategic corners to start the process of ‘extermination’ of rodents without having to apply traps.


Mouse on a carpet

Another scent that will make mice run away is ammonia. This is because it has a scent similar to that of potential predators, which will soon cause your unwanted guests to leave your house to find a new home. If you want to apply this technique, put a small amount of ammonia inside the caps of the plastic bottles and let them sit in the most problematic corners.

Use cages to capture mice

After employing techniques such as the use of ammonia or essential oils, and having cleaned and organized all the belongings you have at home, your next step will be to place cages in places such as the basement and the kitchen. The use of cages is a natural and friendly way to avoid pests (or get rid of them) without the need to use traps or chemicals that harm animals.

Apple cider vinegar and water


With the mixture of apple cider vinegar and water you will not only drive away mice, but you will also be able to save money and completely avoid the use of chemicals that can be harmful to people. Place the mixture (which will not leave bad odors) in a bottle with a diffuser and spray it throughout the house at least once a month: from the entrance, the kitchen, bedrooms, pantry, bathrooms and patios.

Get a cat to scare away the mice

Do you want to prevent mice from entering your house? Get a cat! These animals are naturally rodent predators and their urine drives the mice as far away as possible. If you live in a place where pets are not allowed, the use of ammonia will do the job. You can even ask a friend to lend you a previously used cat litter box.

Bay leaves


Aromas will be one of the main allies of anyone who wants to prevent the entry of mice. Very strong odors derived from food or spices are, in some cases, the answer to annoying pests. To avoid the use of chemicals, consider placing bay leaves, peppermint oil, and even decomposed onions in the vicinity where mice are more likely to enter.


Of all the natural options available, this is one whose effectiveness has not been fully proven. Some people claim that mothballs have significantly reduced rodent entry into the home. The amount used will depend on the severity of the infestation, the size of the house or the urgency with which you want to drive away the mice that have been detected in the area.

Apply covers with stones to obstruct the passage of mice

a mouse hole

There are many different ways to prevent rodents from entering your home. One of them is to create natural barriers that prevent easy access such as sand, gravel and stones.These types of materials will reduce the chance of them taking up residence in your home.

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