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How to get a car loan in 7 simple steps

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Do you know how to get a car loan. We have seven simple steps to getting the car of your dreams. Here we tell you how! In the United States, the annual percentage rate (APR) on car loans was 9.46% in 2020, although this can range from 5.49% to 22.66%, depending on loan conditions. Therefore, it is important to know the right steps to access a loan that works for you.

1. Gather the documents you will need when applying for financing

Before applying for a car loan, remember that regardless of the financial institution you go to, you will need to present documents such as your social security number and driver’s license. And this may also include bank records. Another aspect that must be taken into account is that the lender will ask you for proof of insurance, proof of income and an address, since this will allow them to verify that you have the resources to get a car loan and pay it off on time.

2. How to get a car loan: check your credit score


Bad credit can prevent you from getting a good car loan, therefore, make sure to check your score before you apply. If you do not have a favorable credit score, consider that an alternative option is to access financing. However, these will carry a much higher interest rate.

3. Choose the shortest term for the loan

It is not only about getting the best car, but also about considering everything that involves paying a monthly amount to pay off the total cost of it. In some cases, choosing a long-term car loan adds considerably to the total cost of the vehicle. The ideal is to choose a car that fits your budget, since this will allow you to complete the total payment of the car in less time than if you chose a model with a higher value that you will end up paying over a period of more than five years, for example.

4. Choose who you want to finance your car with

Woman looking at car loans online

The search for a car should be done as calmly as possible, as this will prevent you from falling into financial scams that put your current and future assets at risk. Choose a banking, financial or cooperative institution that offers you the best payment options and the lowest long-term interest rate. An exhaustive analysis and comparison of the cost-benefit will allow you to choose the best options offered by car loans; in fact, some dealerships offer discounts and attractive payment programs for customers.

5. Choose a loan that suits your circumstances

Buying a car can be both a luxury and a necessity. In any case, it is an expense that is accompanied by certain financial obligations that are added to your monthly expenses. For this reason, before requesting a loan, you should make a budget. By setting a payment figure that does not affect your lifestyle, you will avoid excessive payments in interest or monthly payments, in addition to reducing the risk of falling behind in payments and affecting your credit score in the future.

6. Review the terms

People analyzing car contract

An informed client is a safe client. To obtain a loan, you need to carefully read each of the terms that the banking institution issues, so that you do not have any unpleasant surprises you understand what you are committing to. Remember that one of the most important aspects of any loan is to make the payments within the corresponding term. In the latter case, the institution that has granted you the loan could repossess your car, alleging a lack of financial stability.

7. Get pre-approved

A piece of advice from experts before acquiring a car loan is to request a pre-approval with one or more financial institutions, as this will allow you to check the best interest rate offered according to your credit score. An advantage of pre-approval is that, thanks to them, banking institutions cannot exceed the interest rate that has to be charged to the client, which results in a much lower amount that the client will disburse in the long term.

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