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A guide to coming out without stressing out

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guide to coming out of the closet, advice, gay, homosexual, MundoNOW / guía para salir clóset, consejos, gay, homosexual, MundoNOW
How to come out / PHOTO: Shutterstock
  • How to come out to friends and family.
  • A guide to revealing your sexual orientation.
  • Support and patience are key.

No one said it was easy. For many people, coming out of the closet is a real challenge — it can take a long time to work up the courage, and some may never do it.

There’s a saying that captures this feeling: ‘Closets are for clothes not people.’

Still, we live in a world where people fear being labeled and it can be hard to reveal your true self to the world.

This guide to coming out without stressing out will help!

How to come out: Seek support

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to Planned Parenthood, who to share your sexual orientation with is a very important decision.

First and foremost, it is recommended that you think about the people who are closest to you and who love and accept you as you are.

It’s very important to seek help and support on your coming out journey.

Find people you trust who will not judge you. If they are with you in the good times, they will be in the difficult times as well.

Consider the timing

guide to coming out, parents, independence, economic situation, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

A crucial detail: if you still live with your parents or are financially dependent on them, it may be best to wait.

If you don’t know how your parents will react, it may be better to hold off until you can support yourself.

On the other hand, you don’t have to share your sexual orientation with everyone at once. You can choose who to tell and when.

However, you must be prepared for both positive and negative reactions.

Is there an ideal way to come out?

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

This is a question that is somewhat difficult to answer. How to come out is different for everyone.

It’s never a bad idea to have a plan in case the person you confide in doesn’t react in the best way.

If you are struggling with having the conversation face to face, a good option is to do it in writing, either in a letter or an email.

Keep in mind that not everyone reacts in the same way, so be patient.

Why should you come out of the closet?

guide to coming out, reasons, family, friends, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to KidsHealth, there are many reasons to come out.

One is if you are dating someone special and you want to introduce them to your family and friends.

Perhaps you feel like people are talking about your sexual orientation behind your back and you want to put a stop to gossip and rumors.

It could be that you are simply tired of stereotypes.

It’s okay if you aren’t ready

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Some people don’t have the courage to come out and that’s okay too.

Kids Health points out that sometimes people aren’t completely sure of their own identities until much later in life.

Depending on their circumstances, some people may fear harassment at school or work, as well as mistreatment, discrimination or physical aggression.

There are many communities where LGBTQ+ people are not accepted and not everyone is willing to risk sharing their sexual orientation with the world.

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