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How to apply sunscreen: Never leave home without it

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The application of sunscreen can prevent irreparable damage to the skin. from spots and early signs of aging, to the appearance of carcinomas and melanomas. Sunscreens with an SPF index of more than 30 are the most recommended to protect the skin from the UV rays. Find out how to apply it and use it correctly!

Wash your face before applying it

The skin care routine starts from when a person wakes up until they go to bed at night. Creating a habit that includes facial cleansing and the application of sun protection before leaving home could make the difference between healthy skin and skin that is prone to some type of cancer. Washing your face will help remove excess oil or makeup in the morning, which will allow the sunscreen to fulfill its objective more effectively, since the skin will be able to more easily absorb its properties and protect the body. from sun damage.

Apply it in the morning

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Sunscreen should be applied to the skin before you leave the house. The most important thing is to ensure that at least 30 minutes have passed since its application before exposing yourself to the sun’s rays. Although it is true that this routine could seem somewhat tedious, the truth is that it is an investment that will make a difference to your skin and will make it look healthier longer.

Apply a generous amount

Many people fear applying “too little” or “too much” sunscreen. What is the right amount to protect your skin? Ideally, according to experts, use at least an ounce of sunscreen for daily care. This amount should be distributed to all parts of the body that are most exposed to the sun such as the face, neck, hands, arms and feet, if necessary.

Reapply after two hours


Sunscreen will be more effective if you maintain a careful routine, which includes a touch-up every 90-120 minutes to continue protecting the skin from sun damage. Reapplying is recommended when using a sprayon sunscreen or when your routine includes swimming in a pool, the sea or some activity where excessive sweating occurs.

Apply excess sunscreen to your hands

Don’t waste sunscreen! Even a small drop could be the difference you need to stay safe from UV damage. If you consider that you have already applied a sufficient amount to your face, neck and arms, then remove the excess and apply to your hands, a part of the body that is often forgotten in the skin care routine.

Start your makeup routine after applying sunscreen

Woman applying a type of sunscreen

For those who wear makeup, apply sunscreen at least 90 minutes before going outside, but also before you start applying foundation, moisturizer, blush, and any other products you use. Remember that it is very important to establish a thorough process, especially if you have a history of skin cancer or if your daily activities involve greater exposure to the sun.

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