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How to apply eye cream and what ingredients to look for

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Do you know how to apply eye cream? According to skin care experts, the ideal age to start applying eye cream is in your twenties, as a way to prevent skin damage and hydrate your face to delay the appearance of blemishes and signs of aging. For this reason, it is important to know what ingredients are commonly used in eye creams, how effective they are and when they should be applied to obtain the best results. Here we tell you everything!

Choose your eye cream

What eye cream to use will depend on your main goals. Therefore, it is recommended to look for a cream whose ingredients promote the reduction of swelling, the elimination of expression lines and the delay of their appearance. For this, you should read the list of ingredients carefully to determine if the cream contains the ones most recommended by dermatologists. These are: hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, ferulic acid, caffeine, vitamin K and alpha-hydroxy acids.

Wash your hands

How to apply eye cream

Hygiene is key for maintaining a flawless complexion, in addition to preventing it from being affected by bacteria and germs. For this reason, we recommend that you wash your hands very well before applying any type of cream to the eyes. In addition to your hands, it is important to wash your face very well before applying cream, since in this way the active ingredients of the creams act correctly and do not lose their effect due to external conditions such as dirt or grease.

Apply at the right time

Not all creams are applied at the same time. For greater effect, a specific schedule and routine must be established. For example, some eye creams are applied under makeup, while others are used after makeup has been removed. For example, if the eye cream contains caffeine or vitamin C, it is recommended to apply to dry skin, but if the intention is to hydrate, it is possible to apply the cream after using the serum.

Identify the areas where you will apply the cream

How to apply eye cream

Eye creams can serve different purposes. For example, reduce puffiness, blur expression lines or reduce dark circles. Depending on the case, that will be the area where the cream will need to be applied. An important fact to consider is that, according to experts, all eye creams are made to be used in and around the under eye area, but not all can be applied directly to the eyelids.

Use the right amount

When it comes to eye creams, more is not always better. Remember that these types of products contain a high concentration ingredients, so it is not necessary to apply more than a minimum amount in the desired area. The ideal is to follow the instructions on each product. But, as a general rule, some dermatologists recommend placing a dot of cream the size of half a pea on the tip of your finger.

Apply gently


Now that you have selected the correct amount of cream, you will proceed to apply it to the eye area gently. Remember that rubbing the eyes encourages the appearance of expression lines. In addition to the fact that cream could get into your eyes and cause irritation. Gently apply under the eyes, leaving a small space before reaching the lower lashes and, with small massages, spread the cream towards the crow’s feet area and the eyelids, just below the eyebrows.

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