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Actress Martha Higareda’s story about meeting Canelo resurfaces (VIDEO)

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Resurge confesión de actriz de el 'Canelo'
  • Martha Higreda describes how she met boxing champion Canelo.
  • She claims that she read tarot cards for him.
  • She also said they had a near-death experience.

How Martha Higareda met Canelo. Mexican actress Martha Higareda’s story about the time she met Canelo Álvarez resurfaces. Just a few hours after the boxer’s fight in Mexico, the story of how he met the No Manches Frida star came to light, Higareda says that they even had a near-death experience.

Martha Higareda is currently an internet phenomenon after going viral for her stories about the entertainment world. She has told anecdotes that include Ryan Gosling, Robert Pattinson, Alfonso Cuarón, Keanu Reeves and now Canelo joins the list.

How Martha Higareda met Canelo

Confession of the Canelo actress resurfaces
PHOTO Instagram

Martha Higareda told Yordi Rosado about how she met the boxer at an airport, initially believing that he was a «narco». «A red-haired guy came up to me that along with some sort of group (…) about nine other people and all dressed wearing many brands,» she told to Yordi.

Higareda said that the boxer approached her and asked her for a photograph so she agreed. She asked him where he was going and they were both headed to Los Angeles.

She read the cards for Canelo

Confession of actress Martha Higareda de el Canelo resurfaces

Once she boarded the plane, she said that she was surprised to see that the Mexican boxer was seated next to her. And while Higareda claims not to have recognized Canelo and to have thought that he was a drug trafficker, she decided to distract herself with a book of tarot cards she had bought.

She says that once Álvarez saw the cards, he asked her to read them for him. The actress, doubtful of her abilities, agreed. “I told him: ‘You’re going to fight someone.’ He then asked if he was going to win. (…) He grabs another card, and I say, Yes, it says here that you’re going to win’ (…) He stares at me and says, ‘You don’t know who I am, do you?’ (…) I’m Canelo.’”

They almost died

They were close to an accident
PHOTO Instagram

Once the actress realized Canelo was a boxer and not a drug trafficker, she said he invited her to the fight in Los Angeles. However, the story did not stop there since their plane had to make an emergency landing.

Higareda said the plane had to make an emergency landing in Tijuana because its windshield was broken it was very dangerous. «At the end of the day, the trucks and the team and Oscar de la Hoya’s people ended up taking Canelo and me across the border by land and then we had to cross first (…) Canelo and me walking.»

People react to Martha’s story

They react to the words of the actress

Once the video of her story went viral, internet users began commenting on Higareda’s post. Amused, TikTok users have said what they think about the incredible story.

«And that Canelo you speak of is with us in this room?» «Hahahaha Canelo travels by private plane.» «It’s true, I was the plane.» «I insist that she dreams and when she wakes up she swears it’s true.»  «Someone tell her to stop! Canelo travels by private plane! How is this going to be real?»

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