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How long should sex last?

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How long should sex last? (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • How long should sex last?
  • TLDR: It depends on your preferences.
  • Demystifying myths about sex.

Both men and women often have questions about sex.

Perhaps out of embarrassment or uncertainty, many are afraid to voice them.

One major question, which could have a wide variety of answers, is how long should sex last. Pay close attention.

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Every time ‘Rodrigo’ has sex with his girlfriend ‘Olivia’ he tries to make it an unforgettable experience for both of them.

However, sometimes he wonders whether he’s making it last too long. Sometimes it feels that way to him but he doesn’t know about her.

Before continuing, it must be clarified that kissing and foreplay don’t count here.

It is also worth noting that longevity is subjective.

How long should sex last? Is there an ideal timeframe?

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How long should sex last? / PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to Clínicas Doctor Life, several studies have been conducted over the years to determine how long sex should last.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine concluded that the average time for intercourse is 5.4 minutes.

For this study, 500 heterosexual couples were interviewed after timing how long they spent having sex.

While some finished in just 33 seconds (seriously?), there were those who took up to 44 minutes! Did they tell the truth or were they boasting?

In search of pleasure

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

On the other hand, Penn State also conducted a study to determine how long sex should last.

Unlike what the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported, that study found the ideal time was between seven and 13 minutes.

However, first and foremost, it’s important that both parties are enjoying themselves. In other words, the pursuit of pleasure.

Sometimes, a quickie is more than enough, but in others, a marathon is very satisfying. It depends on the situation.

What do experts say?

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 PHOTO: Shutterstock

Unlike previous studies, a group of American researchers didn’t pay as much attention to timing the act.

In this case, they asked 50 experts about what they considered ‘adequate,’ ‘desirable,’ ‘very short,’ or ‘very long’ sex.

They concluded that three to seven minutes is adequate; seven to 13 minutes is desirable; one to two minutes is very short, and from 10 to 30 minutes is very long.

‘Rodrigo’ remembers that, before they became official, ‘Olivia’ mentioned that she found having sex for too long boring and tiring.

So how long should sex last?

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Taking into account these results, it could be concluded that the ideal time is from three to 13 minutes.

According to El Universal, any encounter that lasts from one to 15 minutes is considered normal to a certain extent.

«Unfortunately, current popular culture has reinforced stereotypes about sexual activity,» one of the experts stated.

«Many men and women seem to believe in the fantasy of big penises, rock-hard erections and sex all night.»

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