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How does breastfeeding change your body?

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Have you noticed changes in your body during breastfeeding? During the process of breastfeeding your newborn baby you may see remarkable changes in your body, but this doesn’t mean that they will be permanent. In fact, many of them are temporary and serve a purpose, which is to give your body, and that of your baby, all the necessary tools to function properly.

One of the most common changes is breast size, in the texture or color of your skin, and sensitivity in the breast area. This is completely normal and doesn’t usually require medical intervention. Discover what other changes your body undergoes during breastfeeding!

Variations in breast size

Woman breastfeeding her baby

Did your breasts grow considerably before giving birth? This is because your body was preparing to feed your baby and, to fulfill this purpose, it is common for the breast-size to increase before starting breastfeeding. However, the reality is that this is only temporary.

This actually means that one of the permanent changes you could experience in your body is a reduction in the size of your breasts, even changing your bra cup size once you’ve finished breastfeeding.

Sagging and stretch marks

baby suckling

Drastic changes in cup size have other side effects, such as sagging and stretch marks because ,when breast milk dries up, your breasts can change size drastically, causing noticeable changes in skin texture.

Sagging is one of the most common side effects of breast feeding and it is usually accompanied by stretch marks that, contrary to some beliefs, are permanent marks that have to do with the genetics of each person. There is no magical remedy for stretch marks, but remember that they are a sign that your body has done an extraordinary and unique job.

When you are breastfeeding your breasts may be more sensitive


Many women report excessive breast tenderness and mild to severe pain in the chest area, an effect of breastfeeding on the mother’s body that can be temporary or permanent, depending on the severity of the case.

The increased sensitivity leads to other concerns for the mother, such as the state of her sex life or the change she must make in her wardrobe to adapt to the new needs of her body. However, this sensitivity could be temporary. Remember to be patient with your body!

Decreased risk of breast cancer


Breastfeeding has positive effects not only for babies, but also for mothers. Various scientific studies have proven that breastfeeding helps reduce the risk of breast cancer, especially when carried out during an extended period.

This is influenced by factors such as genetics and the age of the mother and although the direct cause of this benefit is not yet known, it is believed to be the result of a lower production of eggs during lactation. In any case, do not forget to consult your doctor about any warning symptoms. Remember that prevention will always be your best ally!

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