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How do I join the military? The 5 branches and how to select the best one for you

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How do you join the military in the United States? Here we tell you! Twenty twenty-one was not a good year for the US military, as it missed its goal of recruiting 10,400 new members to join its active duty ranks. Instead, only 7,340 new members joined one of its branches.

This has caused the US military to create a new budget, offering a bonus of up to $50,000 dollars to new recruits. That is, US citizens who enlist for a period of six years. Thinking of joining the US Army? Find out about its five branches and how you can join one of them.

5. The US Army


Wondering how to join the US Army? First, you should know that although the requirements are similar for each branch of the US military, they can vary. This is the case with the age limit, which in the case of the Army is 35 years.

The United States government describes the Army as a team specializing in combat missions, which are carried out by soldiers known as the Green Berets, due to the type of helmet they use.

4. Navy

An image of a US armed forces ship.

Another branch that belongs to the United States Department of Defense is the Navy, whose members receive specialized training in the protection of maritime spaces such as seas and oceans that are outside the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard.

Thanks to the Navy, the Air Force, for example, has the necessary space to take off and land their combat aircraft in case of an emergency. It is the Navy Seals (sea, air and land) who are in charge of carrying out the most important tasks. All members of this branch are known as sailors. Perhaps one of the best news is that in 2022 a salary increase of almost 3% was given to this military branch.

3. The Air Force

A US Air Force plane.

The maximum age to join the US Air Force is 39 years. This branch is part of the Department of Defense (DOD), and specializes in military air operations that have the primary task of defending US air bases. Its members are called aviators.

If you are thinking of joining the military, an important fact that you must take into account is the salary. In 2022, the average annual salary for US Air Force aviators ranged from $42,200 to $60,000, depending on the position they hold.

2. Marine Corps


The Marine Corps is part of the Department of Defense and has the mission of cooperating with the other branches in combat efforts on land, sea and air, in addition to providing support in the security of US embassies and the classified documents that are found in them.

The minimum age to enlist in the Marines is 17 years, and the maximum is 39 years. All members of this branch are known as Marines, while members of the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command are known as Raiders.

1. Coast Guard


The Coast Guard is part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whose objective is to provide national security and contribute to search and rescue efforts on the coasts, seas and all maritime routes of the United States in search of drugs and all those individuals or groups that represent a threat to the country.

The work of the Coast Guard does not end with catching drug cartels and those who break the country’s maritime laws, it is also responsible for enforcing environmental protection laws, thanks to the work of the coast guards or ‘coasties’, as well as in the Coast Guard Reserve.

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