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What artificial intelligence says about how the world could end in 2023

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  • What artificial intelligence says about how the world could end.
  • Could armageddon come in 2023?
  • ChatGPT was asked how the world could end this year.

AI PREDICTS HOW THE WORLD COULD END IN 2023! Find out what terrifying predictions about the end of the world were revealed by AI. ChatGPT was asked to come up with some disturbing scenarios.

This technology has proven its ability to analyze large amounts of data and make accurate predictions in a wide range of areas. Among the topics that have been the subject of investigation and speculation is how the world could end this year.


Photo: AP

When asked about how the world could end this year, infobae reported that ChatGPT came up with three theories about what could destroy humanity.

«Thermonuclear bombs are the most destructive weapons in history, being more powerful than the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The explosion of an artifact like this would cause thousands of people to lose their lives and those who were left alive would be affected by radiation,» ChatGPT responded.

A volcanic eruption?

The explosion of a volcano?
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Although the predictions are frightening, there’s no reason to think that any of them will actually happen in the near future. It’s important to bear in mind that these predictions are the result of models and algorithms based on historical data and past patterns. Another theory involved volcanic eruptions.

“In the event that several volcanoes were to explode and this occurred continuously and for a long time, large amounts of ash and gases would be produced that would harm the atmosphere. AI ​​warns that a disaster like this would generate large amounts of smoke that would decrease the amount of energy the sun provides to the world,» infobae reported.

Incentive to address climate change!

Artificial intelligence predictions 2023: Why not take care of the planet?
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Among the most common predictions generated by AI are the devastating effect of climate change. ChatGPT theorized that climate change could ultimately affect food production, which could have dire consequences.

«The extinction of human life would occur slowly due to the impact of climate change, this because temperatures would drop to such a degree that it would cause global chaos, which would affect food production and access to resources,» infobae reported.

Another global pandemic?

Artificial intelligence predictions 2023: Another pandemic?
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Another way artificial intelligence predicted the world could end is because of an even worse global pandemic.

“The emergence of highly contagious and lethal diseases is a constant concern for scientists and health professionals. The possibility of new diseases appearing that can get out of control.”

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