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Sueño millonario: Home-Made Businesses

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  • Sueño millonario shares with you some home-made businesses.
  • These stories are brief accounts of people who fought complex battles.
  • They want everyone to see that it is possible to achieve whatever one desires.

The talents we possess are a wonderful way to generate income. Everyone has a talent in this life, and even if you’re not Lionel Messi, you’re surely good at something.

This is important to know because that talent can turn into a business that can grow enormously.

In Millionaire Dream, that’s precisely what we’ll be talking about now, to inspire you and acquaint you with more stories of businesses that were either made at home or started there.

But also, some where the protagonists realized their capabilities to learn and to take action, not letting circumstances defeat them.


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Most of these stories of home-made businesses start with a person who, due to fate, decides to leave their home country to go to the United States.

Some are lucky and don’t have to go through such great difficulties to get there, but others risk their lives and go through very tough situations to arrive.

Once they arrive, some are lucky and find good jobs, but others don’t even have a place to sleep or food to eat.

Of course, there are also those who don’t speak English and those who lose their jobs due to lack of papers. They all have a common factor in this episode, and that is that they did not give up.

First Jobs

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The protagonists started looking for work as soon as they arrived in the country, and although they all ended up in similar jobs, destiny took them to very different places.

For example, one of them had a job in a kitchen and ended up with their own company in this field. Another had a job as a salesperson and was able to have her own home bakery.

In other stories, the protagonists manage to establish restaurants, and in others, they start with a cart and end up with food transport trucks.

They all started with jobs that didn’t pay well or very little, but they had the desire to learn and they didn’t stop in the face of the adversity they faced at that time.


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There is no one better than a person who has climbed difficult stairs to tell you what made the difference when achieving what they set out to do.

They offer advice that helped them to have that home-made business, and what they feel is important to consider when wanting something of your own.

They also mention what sustained them when complications arose or how they dealt with the problems they had in their jobs or personal matters.

Sueño millonario bids farewell for the moment and hopes that you don’t let this episode full of success stories and people who achieved what they wanted slip away.

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Sueño Millonario
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