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Sueño millonario: Fray Hidalgo

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Fray Hidalgo, Piso, Acabado, MundoNow, Podcast
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  • Sueño millonario shares the story of Fray Hidalgo.
  • A scholarship was what gave him the opportunity to come to the United States and experience another world.
  • His intelligence and tenacity enabled him to obtain what was necessary to have something of his own.

Fray Hidalgo’s story begins when in his native country he used to play baseball and a recruiter observed him and invited him to play for the university he worked for.

The idea appealed greatly to this man, but there was a detail that endangered this happening.

He was asked to pass an exam accrediting his English language skills, thus qualifying for a scholarship to go to the United States to play.

Everyone showed their support and with effort, he managed to pass that accreditation exam and thus he went to the land of opportunities with the desire to make it big.

Early Jobs

Stuck, Hands, Floor, MundoNow, Podcast

When he had the opportunity to work to earn an income, in his own words, he says that a certain fondness for this was born in him.

Because of this, he started looking for work and the first job he had was working with flooring. He had to do everything related to it to leave it in good condition, from drilling to giving it a certain aesthetic for the client.

It was during those moments when he had the idea of ​​learning to do this well so that he could later buy his own tools and start his own business in this field.

He raised capital for it and bought all the materials he could to start. This, although it sounds somewhat unusual, was risky for him because he had to invest all his savings in it.

His Company

Edge, Settings, Fray Hidalgo. MundoNow, Podcast

After investing everything to work for himself, he got his first client who wanted carpeting for his home.

Thanks to having done these types of jobs before, he was able to do it on his own, and at that moment he also recovered part of what he had already invested and knew he could grow little by little.

Currently, he plans to continue growing, and his goal is to have a bigger company than the one he already has at the moment.

But he shares that he wants to continue preparing himself and studying criminology to have another field he could venture into.


Wood, Boards, Hammer, MundoNow, Podcast

Before ending, he shares advice for people who are thinking of starting something of their own.

The first thing to consider, according to him, is to keep learning to always be prepared and have more tools to grow.

The other is to accept that we don’t always know everything and that even the smartest person can overlook certain aspects of one thing or another.

Sueño millonario bids you farewell for now and hopes that the story of Fray Hidalgo has been to your liking and that you will join us in continuing to listen to these wonderful stories.

Sueño Millonario
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