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6 Hispanics who are making history in the US

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Hispanics making US history, Cami, Sister Norma, Elena Rose, MundoNOW / hispanos haciendo historia EEUU, Cami, Hermana Norma, Elena Rose, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Wikipedia / The Valley Catholic / Instagram
  • National Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration in the US
  • Prominent Hispanics Making History in the US in Various Fields
  • Hispanic Cultural and Social Impact

In the context of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we present six Hispanics who are making history in the USA, according to abcnews.

This celebration will conclude this coming Sunday, October 15, encompassing the independence days of several Latin American countries.

Hispanic traditions have a significant impact on the daily lives of Americans, from food to music.

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Sargento El Podcast, Carlos Cornejo, laws, law, MundoNOW

First, we introduce Sergio García, considered one of the best breakdancers in the world.

Singer Armando Christian Pérez, better known as Pitbull, has nothing but praise for this young artist.

‘Zeku,’ as he is also known, will be part of the specialty Olympic Games to be held in Paris next year.

He has over 40,000 followers on his social media accounts. Currently, he resides in Miami, Florida, in the United States.

The Importance of Mental Health

Hispanics making US history, Adriana Alejandre, therapist, mental health, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

Next, we introduce psychotherapist Adriana Alejandre, who addresses the topic of mental health head-on.

Through her social media platforms and her podcast, she normalizes conversations about this topic.

She also launched the Latinx Therapy Network, connecting other Hispanic therapists with the goal of building a community.

In 2021, she launched the Alejandre Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps increase equity in Latino mental health.

Cami, a Chilean Singer With an Exquisite Voice

Cami, singer, Chile, Marc Anthony, MundoNOW
Hispanics Making History in the US / PHOTO: Wikipedia

Marc Anthony himself has not hesitated to praise Cami, a singer from Chile with an exquisite voice.

He said he was impressed from the very first note when he saw this young artist.

Camila Anastasia Gallardo Montalva, her full name, rose to fame after finishing in second place on The Voice Chile.

Just last year, she released her third album, «Anastasia,» and has performed in several Latin American countries, including Argentina.

With Venezuelan Roots

Hispanics making history in the USA, Elena Rose, Venezuela, United States, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

Among the six Hispanics who are making history in the USA, according to abcnews, is singer and songwriter Elena Rose.

Originally from the United States with Venezuelan roots, Andrea Elena Margiamarchi recently collaborated with Becky G.

She has also worked with Raw Alejandro, Tini, and CNCO. In the midst of the pandemic, she released her first single, «Sandunga.»

She lived for many years in Puerto Rico and Venezuela, where she studied journalism. The first artist she worked with was Ricky Martin.

The Woman Behind La Newyorquina

Fany Gerson, La Newyorquina, ice cream, popsicles, MundoNOW
Hispanics Making History in the US / PHOTO: Instagram

As we near the end of this overview, during National Hispanic Heritage Month, we present Fany Gerson.

She is the woman behind La Newyorquina ice cream and popsicles, a beloved business for many Latinos.

Fany is said to have made a lasting impact on the food industry through her tireless work.

As if that weren’t enough, she was nominated for the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Baking and Dessert Cookbook.

Symbol of Love

Sister Norma, Norma Pimentel, migrants, Missionary, MundoNOW
PHOTO: The Valley Catholic

Lastly, we introduce Sister Norma Pimentel, the executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley.

According to information from The Valley Catholic, Sister Norma is a symbol of love in service to immigrants on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Thanks to her work, Pope Francis publicly recognized her, making her his ‘favorite nun.’

In 2020, Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people of the year.

Hispanic Leaders
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