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Hispanic spouses Claudia Peña and Nicolás Álvarez went to visit their mother-in-law and disappeared

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Claudia Peña and Nicolás Álvarez missing (Photo: Kissimmee Authorities)
  • The case of the Hispanic spouses Claudia Peña and Nicolás Álvarez.
  • They went to visit his mother-in-law and disappeared.
  • Authorities urge search.

The disappearance of a Hispanic couple has kept the authorities of Kissimmee on alert and alarmed the Latin community of Osceola County for a week now.

Claudia Peña and her husband, Nicolás Álvarez, seem to have vanished into thin air after leaving her mother Ana Patricia Boza’s house.

They stopped at a traffic light along Highway 192 in Kissimmee, heading towards Melbourne, the family said, and then their whereabouts became unknown.

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Claudia Peña and Nicolás Álvarez are missing

victim, attack, disappearance, US police
PHOTOS: Kissimmee Authorities

The couple got married about six months ago; she is Peruvian and is based in Florida, while he, for work reasons, was staying in New Mexico.

He would travel on weekends to reunite with his wife.

On that Sunday, April 7th, the couple apparently visited Claudia’s mother in Kissimmee without notice.

She had left for church and they couldn’t see each other, said Ana Patricia Boza to officers of the Kissimmee Police Department.

Hispanics were last seen on a cruise

Claudia Peña, Nicolás Álvarez, disappearance, Hispanics, spouses
PHOTOS: Kissimmee Authorities

During the review of the house’s security cameras, the agents found that the couple stayed inside the residence for 15 minutes and eventually left.

They supposedly had no contact with Claudia’s mother during that time.

Both got into the blue 2009 Nissan Sentra, with Florida license plate 561 8TD, owned by Claudia.

While tracking the car with a large Virgin of Guadalupe sticker on the rear window, the agents managed to locate surveillance footage.

The family fears the worst

Claudia Peña, Nicolás Álvarez, disappearance, Hispanics, spouses
PHOTOS: Kissimmee Authorities

The vehicle is seen stopped at a traffic signal on the road to Melbourne.

Since that moment, the authorities lost track of the couple. Their cell phones remain off, and fear for the worst grips the hearts of their relatives.

The Kissimmee Police Department shared a bulletin about Claudia’s disappearance.

In it, they ask residents of Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach to be on alert.

They ask the population for help

Hispanic, disappearance, police, USA, crime
PHOTOS: Kissimmee Authorities

If you have any information about the whereabouts of the couple, you can contact the Kissimmee Police Department by calling 407-846-3333.

According to information provided by their relatives, the spouses have no history of violence, conflicts, or any situation that would suggest there was a conflict between them or with third parties.

«They keep to themselves,» Claudia’s mother commented to local TV stations in an effort to make their case public and receive news of her daughter and son-in-law soon.

«They might be scared or something might have happened to them… Family goes through ups and downs, so that’s what we’re here for,» emphasized Claudia’s brother, Gerardo Peña, to the media.

They spread images

Claudia Peña, Nicolás Álvarez, disappearance, Hispanics, spouses
PHOTOS: Kissimmee Authorities

Friends of the families are beginning to share the photograph on social media.

«My friend’s son, Nicolás Álvarez, and his wife, Claudia Peña, are missing, please share,» Janeth Rodríguez requests via Facebook.

Hope remains alive.

Claudia’s mother clings to the hope that they have gone to the beach because her daughter loves the sea, and that it’s all just a misunderstanding.

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