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Hispanic Norma Pérez finds a live fly in Subway food

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Norma Pérez finds fly in food (Photo: Carlos Moreno)
  • Bad experience of Hispanic Norma Pérez at Subway.
  • She finds a live fly in her snack.
  • «Oh my God,» she said.

«Oh my God! Look, it’s right there. I don’t even know what the hell it is. Are they trying to poison someone?» exclaimed Norma Pérez, a Hispanic woman.

This happened when she found an insect inside the sandwich she had ordered through an app from a Subway branch in Miami, Florida.

To document her experience, the Latina grabbed her phone and some kitchen scissors and began to investigate inside the bread to find out what it was that she almost ate.

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Norma Pérez was frozen

Norma Pérez, Hispanic, Subway, food, feeding
PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno

Slowly, she begins to push aside the vegetables in the sandwich.

«Whatever I was about to eat, it’s right in the middle of my sandwich,» the diner continues explaining as she delves deeper into the bread with the tip of the scissors.

«I see something chilling back there. It’s black,» the woman exclaims seconds before the black, winged insect appears behind the dressing.

Norma Pérez asserts that the incident occurred on Friday, March 29th, at her residence after ordering food from the Subway branch located at 20131 SW 127th Ave Store 25, Miami, FL 33177.

The woman had a bad experience at Subway

fly, tragedy, disgusting, store, sandwich
PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno

«I ordered Subway through UberEats. It arrived at my house. It was fine, I took bites, but on the last one, I realized there was a fly inside the sandwich,» recalls the Hispanic woman.

«Upon realizing what was there, I vomited the bits I had eaten. I felt disgusted… I felt sad at the same time, because I stay at home with my daughter,» she emphasized.

«I cook at home, but just by ordering Subway one day, this happened to me,» the Hispanic woman laments.

Her feelings prompted Pérez to share her experience on social media.

A fly in her sandwich

Norma Pérez, Hispanic, Subway, food, feeding
PHOTOS Carlos Moreno

«Honestly, my intention in sharing was to let people know not to go to that location,» she clarifies.

Pérez acknowledges, «I have always, always eaten at Subway; I had never had a bad experience until that day.»

The Hispanic woman asserts that after filing a complaint on social media, she also received several attacks from people accusing her of lying.

In response to the comments, Pérez clarifies that «there are people in the Onlydade post saying that this came from my house.»

Will she sue the company?

disgust, fly, aliment, food, healthiness
PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno

«I don’t have time to be lying, gentlemen, I have a daughter, I’m working from home, I’m doing many things, I don’t have time to be lying,» she said.

MundoNow requested in writing that Subway explain what measures the fast-food franchise took regarding the situation; however, as of the publication of this report, we have not received a response.

However, Subway sent an email to the affected individual, first thanking the Hispanic woman for contacting them and sharing her experience.

«I appreciate your feedback and the time you took to share your perspective. I apologize that your last visit did not meet your expectations,» reads the email Perez received on behalf of the fast-food chain.

How did the company respond?

Norma Pérez, Hispanic, Subway, food, feeding

In the same communication, the company assures that they have «shared your comments with my team to improve our customer service.»

However, Subway’s response did not fully satisfy the affected individual.

«Honestly, I think something more should have been done because the food could be harmful to someone,» and that, according to Pérez, is what should be avoided.

What do you think of the incident?

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