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They kill a Hispanic man, put him in a suitcase and throw the body into the lake

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Hispanic Gabriel Gómez Raymundo, Death, Murder, MundoNow, News
Hispanic Gabriel Gómez Raymundo (PHOTO: Oakland Police Department/Shutterstock)
  • Gabriel Gómez Raymundo was killed.
  • His body was found in a suitcase.
  • Reward for key information.

Mystery surrounds the death of Guatemalan Gabriel Gómez Raymundo, 23 years old.

His body was found inside a suitcase floating on the edge of Lake Merritt, in California.

The man with dark skin, dark hair and Hispanic features seems to have no family in the country.

His body was found on October 31, wrapped in a blanket as if it were part of the luggage and still no one has claimed it for burial.

Hispanic Gabriel Gómez Raymundo was found dead

Gabriel Gómez Raymundo, death, Hispanic, authority, law
Gabriel Gómez Raymundo PHOTO: Oakland Police Department

It took authorities more than two weeks to identify him, but there are still many questions about his case.

And the circumstances that led to his murder and who threw him into the water.

In view of the lack of elements that help clarify the case, the Oakland Police Department is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who provides relevant information about the victim or his attackers.

«OPD is asking for the community’s help with any information regarding Mr. Gómez Raymundo, as well as any leads regarding his death,» police said in a statement.

Authorities ask for community collaboration

finding, lake, death, support, community
Gabriel Gómez Raymundo PHOTO: Shutterstock

Investigations indicate that the Hispanic arrived on American soil about eight years ago to fulfill the American Dream.

But the opposite happened, he ended up homeless and dead inside a suitcase. The authorities have not yet revealed the cause of Gomez’s death.

The police asked that people who had any contact with the Guatemalan immigrant do not hesitate to contact them.

One can contact the Homicide Section of the Oakland Police Department at (510) 238-3821 or with TIP LINE at (510) 238-7950. The investigation remains active and community help is key.

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