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Hernán Torres Sr ordered the attack against the rapper ‘El Pikante’ (PHOTOS)

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Hernán Torres ordered attack of El Pikante (Photo: Houston Police Department)
  • The hitman was arrested for a brutal attack in Texas.
  • Luis Alfredo Pacheco fell dead under a hail of bullets.
  • Two of the accused’s sons also participated in the homicide.

Hernán Torres Sr. is among the three individuals arrested in Houston, Texas, in connection with the brutal shooting attack on rapper Luis Alfredo Pacheco.

In addition to 50-year-old Hernán Torres Sr., his son Hernán Torres Jr., aged 25, and Hernando Torres, aged 19, were also apprehended and charged with murder.

Case documents reveal that the hitman, Hernán Torres Sr., is the father of the younger Hernán Torres Jr. and Hernando Torres, whom he allegedly trained in the criminal use of firearms.

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Hernán Torres Sr. is arrested for an unusual shooting murder

Hernán Torres Sr., murdered rapper, Luis Alfredo Pacheco Rojas, crime in Houston, MundoNOW
Hernán Torres Sr. / PHOTO: Houston Police Department

The rapper Luis Alfredo Pacheco Rojas, 34, was the son of politician Alfredo Pacheco, who served as the President of the Chamber of Deputies in the Dominican Republic.

The investigation of the case was conducted by detectives from the Homicide Division of the Houston Police Department (HPD).

Undercover officers from the U.S. Marshals and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) were also involved in the case.

The involvement of DEA agents and U.S. Marshals alongside HPD underscores the dangerous nature of Hernán Torres Sr., Hernán Torres Jr., and Hernando Torres.

Under a hail of bullets ‘El Pikante’ fell dead

El Pikante, Luis Alfredo Pacheco Rojas, Hernán Torres, crime, MundoNOW
Luis Alfredo Pacheco Rojas / PHOTO: Taken from the YouTube channel of ‘El Pikante’

Judge Ramona Franklin of the 338th District Criminal Court in Harris County will preside over the case against Torres Sr., Hernán Torres Jr., and Hernando Torres.

In the rap world, Luis Alfredo Pacheco Rojas was known as ‘El Pikante’ and had built an artistic career in both the Dominican Republic and the United States.

On that hot Monday, April 1st, 2024, Luis Alfredo Pacheco and another Hispanic individual, whose name will not be disclosed, arrived at a gas station in Houston.

Luis Alfredo Pacheco and his companion arrived in a black Cadillac Escalade truck at the gas station located at 2490 South Wayside Drive at 7:25 in the evening.

The three hitmen arrived at the gas station in two cars

Hernán Torres Jr., detained, jail, weapons, MundoNOW
Hernán Torres Jr. / PHOTO: Houston Police Department

‘El Pikante’ and his companion entered the convenience store and made several purchases. Later, they calmly walked out towards the Cadillac Escalade.

Suddenly, a Mercedes Benz truck and a Dodge Charger sped into the scene. Hernán Torres Sr., Hernán Torres Jr., and Hernando Torres emerged from the Charger.

Father and sons were dressed in white, their faces uncovered, armed with semi-automatic rifles. Within seconds, they unleashed a hail of bullets upon the two Hispanic men.

After the attack, Hernán Torres Sr. and his sons swiftly got into their vehicles and sped off, disappearing into the streets of south Houston.

The brutal attack was carried out in broad daylight

Hernando Torres, detained, video, armed, MundoNOW
Hernando Torres / PHOTO: Houston Police Department

The crime committed by Hernán Torres Sr., Hernán Torres Jr., and Hernando Torres occurred in broad daylight, at a busy intersection and in front of dozens of witnesses.

People at the gas station immediately dialed HPD’s emergency number to report the highly unusual crime.

Paramedics from the Houston Fire Department (HFD) were the first to respond to the shooting scene.

Despite the efforts of HFD paramedics, they couldn’t save Luis Alfredo Pacheco Rojas’s life. The other Hispanic individual, however, survived despite the severity of his injuries.

What was the motive in the crime committed by the Torres?

US Marshal, Houston Police Department, Houston, Texas, MundoNOW
PHOTO: US Marshals

When the brutal death of Luis Alfredo Pacheco Rojas and his father’s political connections in the Dominican Republic were confirmed, alarm bells began to ring.

HPD officers, with the support of the DEA and the U.S. Marshals, launched investigations into the unprecedented shooting attack in Houston.

After weeks of investigation, on Monday, May 6, 2024, officers arrested Hernán Torres Sr., Hernán Torres Jr., and Hernando Torres for the savage execution.

For now, the motive behind the attack is not specified in the case documents, which allegedly have ties to organized crime. Meanwhile, father and sons await their day in court from their cells, facing justice.

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