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Authorities say Heidy Infante’s attacker can’t leave the country

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  • Mexican authorities have issued an air, land and sea alert against Heidy Infante’s attacker.
  • He assaulted her during a performance.
  • Yian «N» was charged with sexual assault.

Pedro Infante’s granddaughter, Heidy Infante, was sexually assaulted during a concert. A man, who has been identified as Yian «N», went on stage, grabbed her and began hitting her. He was arrested and released but authorities have issued an immigration alert to prevent him from leaving the country.

Heidy Infante said that the man who attacked her was not part of her band and that the authorities shouldn’t have allowed him on stage.

Immigration alert issued against Heidy Infante’s attacker

Immigration alert issued against Heidy Infante's attacker
PHOTO: Twitter

After the assault, an immigration alert was issued against her assailant, who was identified as Yian «N». Earlier he was arrested and then released.

The Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) indicated that the Ministry of the Interior issued the alert on Tuesday, March 7 and it went into force immediately.

The man who assaulted Heidy Infante is Cuban

Heidy Infante's attacker is of Cuban origin
PHOTO: Twitter

The INM statement indicates that the subject named Yian «N» is a Mexican national from Cuba. They made it clear that the migratory alert issued applies to land, sea and air, according to El Heraldo de México.

On the other hand, it is not known at the moment if Heidy Infante filed a complaint against her attacker. She says that after the incident that occurred on Saturday, March 4, the authorities released him.

Heidy Infante was injured in the attack

Pedro Infante's granddaughter is injured
PHOTO: Twitter

Heidy Infante gave an interview to Venga La Alegría, where she declared that she was injured in the attack. She says she even has to wear a neck brace.

In addition to clarifying that the person who attacked her did not belong to her band, Pedro Infante’s granddaughter said that he injured the back of her ear, sprained her neck and hurt her spine.

What happened?

How did the events against Heidy happen?
PHOTO: Twitter

The assault happened on Saturday, March 4, when Heidy Infante was performing at the 201 Squad Market in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office. She was singing El Viejo del Sombrerón when a man began attacking her on stage.

Yian «N» grabbed her crotch and she pushed him away. He then began hitting her repeatedly until he was thrown off stage.

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