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Héctor Sandarti announces new program on Univisión

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Héctor Sandarti, program, Univisión
Héctor Sandarti announced a program on Univisión (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Héctor Sandarti announces program on Univision
  • The host continues after leaving Telemundo
  • «Telemundo seems to be deaf and blind,» they highlighted.

The charismatic host Héctor Sandarti is back on television with a new project that promises to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

This Sunday, June 9, Sandarti will debut as the host of “Cash: El Peso del Dinero,” an innovative show that will air in prime time on Univision.

Sandarti, who recently concluded her participation in the successful reality show «La Casa de los Famosos», returns to a schedule that she knows well and in which she has managed to stand out.

‘I feel extremely happy, excited and grateful because it didn’t take long. They didn’t let me take as many vacations as I would have liked,’ he told PEOPLE.


Héctor Sandarti, cash, program, Univisión, Telemundo, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

With an extensive and successful career, the presenter has always demonstrated notable professionalism and the ability to leave doors open at all stages of his work.

It is not surprising, then, that Televisa/Univision has decided to entrust him with the management of its new Sunday bet.

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«For me, returning to this wonderful Sunday night schedule is a blessing and it is also a commitment,» said the driver.

«Because almost all shows that they show on Sunday nights are reality shows and the reality It is an obviously much larger format, much more ambitious than a game show.

There is no room for happiness!

The game show «Cash: El Peso del Dinero» has been described by Sandarti himself as a program tailored to him.

The excitement of the contest and the opportunity to reconnect with the Hispanic public in the United States are aspects that have him particularly excited.

«It is a Spanish franchise that has only been made in Spain and I think in another country and we are the first country in America to do this format that for me has it all.»

«It has the multiple choice question and answer part, which allows the public from home to also play. (…) it has very funny moments, moments of emotion, of tension obviously».

A good chance!

Sandarti’s departure from «La Casa de los Famosos» took both the host and his followers by surprise.

However, the opportunity to lead «Cash: El Peso del Dinero» has emerged as a new platform for the presenter to continue shining on television.

The transition from a reality show to a game show represents a new challenge, but also an opportunity to demonstrate your versatility and innate talent for driving.

«There is a lot of expectation on everyone’s part, it is a new program that obviously we do not have the slightest idea of ​​how the public will receive it,» he declared.

Did he take revenge on Univision?

Héctor Sandarti, with his charisma and professionalism, is ready to face this new challenge.

Through social networks, Internet users declared that they are happy with the new direction of the host and job expectations.

«What Telemundo missed, a tremendous host,» «Telemundo seems to be deaf and blind and doesn’t realize how the public likes Sandarti as a host, but I’m glad that someone else values ​​his potential,» they indicated.

«The best thing Telemundo had in La Casa De Los Famosos and I let it go,» «Since there is no Sandarti, you are the only adorable one,» they revealed in comments.

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