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First summer heat wave to hit Michigan

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Heat Wave in Michigan (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • Summer Heat Wave in Michigan
  • Temperatures Near 100 Degrees
  • Risk of Extreme Heat

Is the worst yet to come? Starting this Monday, June 17, the first heat wave of this year’s summer is expected in Michigan.

According to M Live, very warm temperatures along with high humidity will cause «feels-like» temperatures near 100 degrees.

These temperatures are said to be due to a strong upper-level ridge forming over Michigan.

Such conditions typically lead to warm surface temperatures, and once established, especially at these magnitudes, they can be difficult to dissipate.

The Heat Wave Will Last Several Days

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Heat Wave in Michigan -PHOTO: Screenshot from X

On the other hand, the heat wave is expected to persist for several days across Michigan.

It is very likely that locations along the eastern coast will reach record territory.

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Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be warmer than previous days, with highs reaching 90 degrees on Wednesday.

The highest temperatures will occur in southern Michigan, away from the lakes.

The upcoming heat wave in Michigan is deemed potentially dangerous for several reasons.

Not only is it the first of the season, but nighttime temperatures will not provide much relief.

Lows are expected to be in the 70s, so other cooling methods will be necessary.

Humidity will build along with the heat, causing «feels-like» temperatures to be in the upper 90s.

To conclude, much of lower Michigan is at a greater (level 3 of 4) and extreme (level 4 of 4) risk of extreme heat.

Anyone working outdoors without adequate cooling will face increased risks of heat-related illnesses.

It is recommended to stay hydrated and limit outdoor activities during this heat wave.

Lastly, temperatures this summer are expected to remain similarly high.

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