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An update on the health of the children injured in the Uvalde massacre

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  • Authorities reveal the condition of children who survived the Uvalde shooting.
  • They were hospitalized and their recovery will be difficult.
  • Some of them will require more surgeries in the future.

A week after the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, authorities release information about the health of the children who survived the massacre, according to Astrid Rivera’s report on Despierta America‘s Instagram account.

The journalist shared the following: “Relatives reveal the state of health of some of the children injured in the #Uvalde massacre. Their relatives say that the most difficult part of their recovery is facing the loss of their friends and teachers.”


Health children shooting Uvalde
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One of the children who survived was 9-year-old Kendall Faith Olivarez. She was in the room where 19 children and two teachers died. She was shot in the shoulder but several pieces of bullet wounded her right leg and coccyx.

Immediately, the Olivarez was transported to a hospital in San Antonio, and she required several operations until doctors managed to stabilize her. She will need more surgeries in the future, so her recovery will not be easy.


Robb Texas Elementary School
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Mayah Zamora, who is 10 years old, is another child who is recovering. She doesn’t have it easy at all, because her relatives say that her recovery will be long and, although she is currently in critical condition, she’s stable.

People reacted immediately: “This keeps breaking my soul. God save this child, everyone. May He give them health and may they heal their emotional wounds. I keep praying for those mothers who lost their children, I can’t even imagine the nightmare they are living… As much as I want to put myself in their place, I can’t even imagine that pain. May God have mercy on this world.» Filed Under: Health children shooting Uvalde


Health children shooting Uvalde
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AJ Martínez is another of the children who survived and is fully recovering after several days in the hospital. He was shot in the hip when Salvador Ramos entered Robb’s elementary school and massacred 19 children.

This child is already at home but, due to the trauma caused by everything he saw inside the room, he has asked his parents not to go to school at least until next year. He may be home-schooled as he is traumatized by the thought of going back to school. Filed Under: Health children shooting Uvalde


Robb Texas Elementary School
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Noah Orona is another of the little ones who managed to survive the massacre but is going through a very hard time.  He is ten years old, his injuries will require physical and motor therapy, according to information from his relatives.

He will also receive long-term cognitive care for the psychological trauma left by the shooting he experienced, so his recovery will not be easy and will require the support of his family. They have never left him alone and pray for him all the time. Filed Under: Health children shooting Uvalde

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