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The Newbie Guide to Using Healing Crystals

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Healing crystals have been used for centuries to ward off illness and eliminate bad energy while allowing good energy to flow in. Each stone has its own energy — you can mix and match them to achieve the balance you need for different situations. It’s super easy to incorporate healing stones and crystals into your life because they can be used in so many ways and they look great too. They can be worn as jewelry — in fact, you’ve probably been using crystals for healing without even knowing it — or used around your home to surround yourself with good qi.

Certain crystals are associated with each of the seven chakras as well and you can place them directly on specific points on your body to open or unblock them. Crystal grids and layouts are used as guides for where to put each crystal for overall wellbeing or to address ailments like menstrual cramps or headaches.

Healing crystals will make you have a peaceful environment

green crystals

Crystal grids based on sacred geometry are easy to set up in your home to help create a positive aura for achieving goals like romance, fitness and prosperity. If you prefer to accessorize with your gems, at Energy Muse you can shop — by gemstone, chakra, intention or color — for loose stones or gorgeous healing jewelry. Although each crystal has its own properties, there aren’t any hard and fast rules for using them. If you’re just getting started, you may want to go browse at a crystal shop and go by your instincts. Or you may want to start with a few basic healing stones: black tourmaline for protection, all-purpose quartz, amethyst is calming and rose quartz helps with romance.

For the meanings of these


Crystal Vaults has a great online guide to crystals and their meanings when you want to branch out. Rainbow Crystal has an awesome list of questions with answers that are the healing stones they recommend. There is some controversy about healing crystals because there isn’t any scientific research showing that they have health benefits beyond a placebo effect. However, there’s a reason people still swear by them and even if they only make you think you feel better, that’s half the battle!

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