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He could be his son! Who is the alleged new boyfriend of the Ventaneando host, Daniel Bisogno? (VIDEO)

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  • The host Daniel Bisogno introduces his new boyfriend
  • In his Instagram stories, he was seen with the young Jesús Castillo
  • The host is criticized, since his supposed new boyfriend could very well be his son

Daniel Bisogno introduces boyfriend Jesús Castillo. The Mexican host of the show Ventaneando, Daniel Bisogno, has been in the eye of the hurricane on several occasions, after confessing his homosexuality despite having been in a relationship with host Andrea Escalona, ​​he was always criticized for not revealing who his boyfriends were.

Throughout his career as a TV host, Bisogno has had a hard time showing his male partners, despite the fact that he had already been caught on camera kissing other men. But everything seems to indicate that this has already changed, and in the Youtube channel of the show ‘Gossip No Like’ the supposed boyfriend was shown.

They present the supposed boyfriend of Daniel Bisogno

Daniel Bisogno presents boyfriend Jesús Castillo

The Argentine journalist Javier Ceriani, presents in his show, the alleged partner of the 47-year-old presenter, who through his Instagram stories, shared a video where he appears with Daniel, and has generated great controversy, due to his age of the young man who is with Bisogno.

In the recording where you can see the young man who accompanies Bisogno, you can see that he has a rather childish face, even Ceriani mentions in his show ‘Gossip No Like’, that he may even be his son, due to the incredible age difference that they have both, as he is speculated to be around 23 years old.

Daniel Bisogno presents boyfriend: Who is Jesús Castillo?

Daniel Bisogno presents boyfriend Jesús Castillo 2

The young man named Jesús Castillo, approximately 24 years old, has caused controversy, after he uploaded a recording in his social network profile, where he accompanies Daniel Bisogno in the theater, in the images nothing compromising is observed, but it is speculated that he is her new partner.

Castillo went to his partner’s work entitled «Today I can’t get up», and decided to share the video on his social networks, which the Mexican presenter also did, since he re-posted the recording of the young man where the journalist Javier Ceriani affirms is her new boyfriend.

Daniel Bisogno introduces boyfriend: «It could well be his son»

Daniel Bisogno presents boyfriend Jesús Castillo 3

During the ‘Gossip No Like’ show, where they presented the note, Ceriani mentions that Jesús Castillo is around 23 or 24 years old stating that «it could well be his son», it should be remembered that Daniel is 47 years old, but according to the journalist has been happy in this supposed relationship.

His coworker asks him about who takes the role of man and who of woman, to which the journalist responds: “They told me that he is active, the boys who were with him say that there are thousands, at that age it is He better be active, and the clothes that Bisogno gives him are re-sold, ”said Javier. Filed Under: Daniel Bisogno introduces boyfriend Jesús Castillo. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Daniel Bisogno presents boyfriend: Reaction of Internet users

Daniel Bisogno presents boyfriend Jesús Castillo 4

Faced with this situation that has generated great controversy, several followers were present in the comments to leave their different opinions on the matter about the new romance of the Ventaneando driver: «The boy does not seem 23, more like 16,» said an Internet user .

«Ay Ceriani !! I adore you!! As we would say here in Sonora, !! How poisonous you are! «,» Are you looking for them in high school or what? «,»It’s good that he’s happy, he deserves it, he’s a hard worker, for whatever reason, but he’s having a good time. Already married closed the one with Bisogno «,» Which 23, the groom seems 13 years old «, were some comments. Filed Under: Daniel Bisogno introduces boyfriend Jesús Castillo.

Daniel Bisogno presents boyfriend: He does not hide his homosexuality

Image taken from Instagram @bisognodaniel

Previously through a video leaked by the magazine ‘TV Notes‘There is no doubt that the driver of Ventaneando, Daniel Bisogno is gay and no longer hides it. The above, because he was caught in a gay club in Mexico City where he arrived alone, however, there he met a young man much younger than him and was finally caught kissing him.

The driver of Ventaneando has been in the eye of the hurricane for months due to rumors about his sexuality, after his ex-partner Cristina Riva Palacio, from whom he has divorced, assured that he is gay, as well as violent and even branded him a ‘pervert’ . Filed Under: Daniel Bisogno introduces boyfriend Jesús Castillo.

She kisses with another man

In the video, you can see how Daniel Bisogno arrives at the gay place located in the pink zone of Mexico City, and after fleeing from the cell phone that is recording him from afar, he loses himself among the crowd of men. However, to clear up doubts, a closer scene records the driver of Ventaneando in what appears to be an intimate conversation with a young man much younger than him who ends up stealing a kiss on the mouth.

Quickly, the comments have not been long in coming: «Khaaaaaa !!! .. so manly he, I can’t believe it, (SARCASM)», «We are morbid !!! Hahaha like if you entered for morbid! finally ! Have if you are going to speak! There is no other choice for Bisogno ”,“ Good for them, but what about those who said that everything was photo montage? There are your montage photos. Like this or clearer ?! «,» Let’s see if Chapoy still defends him, since it is his cover «,» No ma … !!!!! So much so that he made fun of Pedrito alone «,» There is nothing wrong with kissing another boy, the problem is that he wants to pretend something he is not. » Filed Under: Daniel Bisogno introduces boyfriend Jesús Castillo.

He insulted the public with racism and hatred


One of his most recent scandals of the host of the Ventaneando program, Daniel Bisogno was when a few months ago he insulted the public with racism and hatred of viewers, but then he apologizes and sends a message on social networks, to which he says goodbye.

Everything happened through his Twitter account and he immediately received similar comments, for the offense he made to a follower of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). The photographs of the tweets that he sent remained as evidence of the daring that the 47-year-old actor also had and was balled up by various media such as Argentine journalist Javier Ceriani. Filed Under: Daniel Bisogno introduces boyfriend Jesús Castillo.

«Starving ignorant»

The comment that sparked all the controversy was the following: “Pin… fucking… starving ignorant licks hue… off a pende… worse than you. You are despicable, pinc … and mindless, buy tales of a fool while you don’t even have to swallow. So are the brain excrement that is born, lives and dies in absolute poverty. Imbécil (SIC) ”.

In turn, journalist Javier Ceriani posted the following message: “Incredible that someone who thinks like this is on the frequency of @aztecauno @azteca @ricardosalinas. A Shame for this appliance company! Bisogno apologizes and leaves Twitter! ”. Filed Under: Daniel Bisogno introduces boyfriend Jesús Castillo.


Image taken from Instagram @bisognodaniel

Then he added: «After having a strong fight on #twitter with the user # alex71460065 and telling him fuck …, ignorant and mindless, in addition to his opinions on the death of #DanielUrquiza, ensuring that the famous extensionist was a ‘heavy'».

«Now #DanielBisogno officially apologizes with this statement, accepting that he was wrong, made a mistake and answered improperly, likewise and in search of a truce, he reveals that he is leaving the social network. what do you think?…». On the next page we will leave you some comments from the people who did not remain silent in the face of the lack of respect of Daniel Bisogno, host of the Ventaneando program, who launched offenses of racism and hatred against the public. Filed Under: Daniel Bisogno introduces boyfriend Jesús Castillo.

«Bisogno likes to insult, criticize, mock»

Daniel Bisogno Racism Selling

Suddenly a person did not tempt his heart to answer the reaction of the driver of Ventaneando, Daniel Bisogno, who offended with comments of racism and hatred against the public. One woman expressed her opinion as follows: “The same as always, Bisogno likes to insult, criticize, mock… He has no respect for anyone, but when it comes to him there, he no longer likes it and is offended, you have to tell him that the one who takes it, endures ”.

Some more expressed their opinion about the case: “Ouch, but nothing new has always been a current, what can you expect”, “for my part I stopped seeing everyone on that program a long time ago. The humility and education of this person leaves much to be desired ”. Filed Under: Daniel Bisogno introduces boyfriend Jesús Castillo. Some images in this note come from this Y this videos

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