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Guatemalan immigrant went out for a few beers and never returned (PHOTOS)

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Adrián Tejax dies in a robbery (Photo: Courtesy GoFundMe)
  • Adrián Tejax lost his life in a brutal robbery
  • The Guatemalan went out to 7-Eleven
  • This is how it happened.

A fatal choice in a dangerous neighborhood claimed the life of 43-year-old Guatemalan, Adrián Tejax.

Adrián made the decision to walk to a 7-Eleven from his home to purchase drinks in a Cocoa, Florida neighborhood.

«It was a brutal assault resulting in his murder,» are the words used by Nicole Rich, a friend of the Hispanic family, to encapsulate the events of that night on April 12th.

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Adrián Tejax was going for a few drinks and did not return

Adrián Tejax, family of Adrián Tejax, Guatemalan immigrant, Cocoa robbery, MundoNOW
Adrián Tejax with his family / PHOTO: Courtesy of GoFundMe

«We were all enjoying some fried fish, having a good time when our friend/brother decided to walk to the store for some drinks and never returned,» laments Nicole.

According to Rich, the Guatemalan had realized the drinks had run out and decided to go get more, never imagining that just a few meters from his home he would lose his life.

Near West Crestview Road and Monopoly Lane in Cocoa, a stranger intercepted the Latino and violently accosted him to rob him.

Tejax allegedly resisted, and the thief shot him several times at close range before fleeing, as reported by family members to the media.

Adrián Tejax managed to buy his box of beers

plaid shirt, murdered immigrant, armed robbery, Florida, MundoNOW
Adrián Tejax / PHOTO: Courtesy of GoFundMe

The Cocoa Police Department took charge of the investigation after neighbors called for assistance upon hearing multiple gunshots.

Officers approached the convenience store and requested access to the surveillance footage.

The recording showed a young man hiding among the bushes, changing his clothes, and following Tejax as he exited the store with a case of beer.

At times, both men disappeared from the camera’s view, and gunshots were heard. The assailant fled, leaving his victim lying in the street.

Kenydrick Anderson was arrested as the main suspect

african american, suspect, mug shot, criminal, MundoNOW
Kenydrick Anderson, suspect in the crime / PHOTO: Courtesy of GoFundMe

The officers requested assistance from rescue teams, but the Hispanic man arrived at the hospital already deceased.

Information about the perpetrator was not available until 24 hours after the shooting.

«Kenydrick Anderson, 19, is in custody less than 24 hours after killing a man during a robbery attempt,» the Cocoa Police Department posted.

This was to indicate that the alleged perpetrator of Adrian Tejax’s death had already been arrested.

They identify the suspect

Adrián Tejax, Guatemalan immigrant, robbery of 7Eleven Cocoa, Florida, MundoNOW
Adrián Tejax / PHOTO: Courtesy of GoFundMe

«Based on the evidence, detectives quickly identified the suspect and obtained a search warrant.

«Consequently, the suspect was brought in for questioning,» details the police department in a statement.

As of now, Anderson faces charges of first-degree murder, attempted armed robbery, and possession of a firearm by a person under 21.

Officers assert that hours after the arrest, they recovered the alleged firearm used to kill the Hispanic man.

His mother is waiting for him in Guatemala for the last time

Guatemalan family, Hispanic family, Immigration, Police, Crimes
Adrián Tejax with his family / PHOTO: Courtesy of GoFundMe

Despite the progress of the investigations and police actions, the Hispanic family is devastated and terrified. His brothers and nephews remember that Adrian was born in Guatemala and migrated to the United States 19 years ago.

«He was a very hardworking, affectionate, and generous man. The kind of person you could always count on,» says Rich.

«What happened to him is so unfair!» emphasizes the family friend. There is a GoFundMe account to raise funds.

The entire community has started activities to send Adrian back to his native Guatemala, where his mother awaits him one last time.

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