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Ángeles en tu Mundo: Who is your guardian angel?

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  • Ángeles en tu Mundo offers you a ritual to get to know your guardian angel.
  • Geovana Aispuro talks about some features of these sky helpers.
  • The way will let you feel safe with your angel and make your bond with him stronger.

Geovana Aispuro, talker and expert on spirit topics, asks us to learn about guardian angels in an interesting talk.

She tells us that we all have a guardian angel, a forever and smart spirit helper who wants to help the Creator and be a special messenger for us.

Geovana says that these angels can look like what makes us happy and safe, which makes it easier to feel close to them.

She asks us to hope and give ourselves to our guardian angels, as they are there to tell us God’s wishes, help, and keep us safe always.

We all have a guardian angel

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According to Geovana, every person has a guardian angel who is with them from being a kid to being an adult.

These angels are sent by God to keep us safe and help us when we need it, being helpers between us and God.

The talker also says that angels don’t get involved in our lives unless we ask. They let us choose and only help when we call them.

So, it’s good to remember they are there and ask for their help when we need it. Geovana talks about five main things about guardian angels:

Main things about guardian angels

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Angels have always been around and are in a special group.

Everyone has a guardian angel because God wants it.

Angels show us the way to the spirit world.

Angels are our own messengers to tell God our thanks and wishes.


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The expert also talks about numbers as a way angels talk to us. According to her, our angels tell us things using special numbers, like 1, 7, and 6.

These numbers ask us to think about our life’s goal, think about how we feel, and make good choices.

To feel closer to our guardian angels, Geovana shares a simple angel way. This way uses white candles, flowers, rose smell, and a glass of water.

With this act, we can call our guardian angel and say thanks for always helping us.

How to do the Angel Way to Feel Close to your Guardian Angel

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Aispuro shares a simple angel way to feel close to your guardian angel and say thanks for always helping you.

Here’s how to do this way step by step.

For this, you need three white candles, some flowers, rose smell, and a glass of water. Calm music (if you want).

Now let’s learn how to do this.

Steps for the ritual to get to know your guardian angel

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Find a calm place: Find a quiet place with no noise where you feel good and can focus on the way.

Start the smell: Use rose smell, known for feeling good and calm. Start the smell and let it fill the air.

Now start the candles: Put the three white candles in a triangle on a safe place. Use a lighter or match to start the candles.

Put the flowers and water: Put the flowers and the water glass near the candles. This shows our bond with nature and the clean feeling of water.

Relaxing sounds

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Relaxing music (optional): If you wish, you can play relaxing music in the background to create a calm environment conducive to meditation.

Perform the invocation: Standing or sitting in front of your improvised altar, close your eyes and place your hands on your chest. Breathe deeply and start reciting the following invocation out loud or in your mind:

«In the name of the Creator God, I invoke the presence of my Guardian Angel so that from now on he shows me with clear and material signs his presence. I show my respect and gratitude for his dedication to me as the Creator’s Messenger and Light Guide in my moments.»

Reflect and ask for guidance: Take a moment to reflect on what you need in your life right now. Ask your guardian angel to guide you, enlighten you, and help you make wise decisions.


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Thank your guardian angel for their constant presence and support. Express your gratitude from the heart. To conclude, finish the ritual by saying the following prayer:

«Guardian Angel, my sweet company, do not forsake me day or night, until you deliver me into the arms of Jesus, Joseph, and Mary. With your wings I bless myself and embrace the cross, and in my heart, I carry the sweetest Jesus. With God I am at peace, with God I rise in peace, with the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit by my side. Amen.»

Leave the candles lit for a moment longer, if you wish, and then carefully extinguish them.

This guardian angel ritual will allow you to establish a deeper connection with your guardian angel and receive their guidance and protection in your daily life. Feel free to repeat this ritual whenever you wish to strengthen your connection with your angel and receive their spiritual support.

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