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Grupo Pesado dresses in mourning for the death of a colleague

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Grupo Pesado in mourning, Friend, Loss, MundoNow, News
Grupo Pesado is in mourning (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • Grupo Pesado in mourning.
  • Liver cirrhosis causes death.
  • Solidarity in Mexican music.

Grupo Pesado, one of the most emblematic groups in Mexican music, is immersed in sadness after receiving the news of the death of a dear colleague.

The painful departure of Noé Robles, a prominent member of the group Eliseo Robles y los Bárbaros del Norte, has left an irreplaceable void in the music scene.

With regret, Grupo Pesado used its social media to share its condolences and remember the life and work of this talented musician.

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It is worth mentioning that mourning invaded social media, when the news about the death of Noé Robles spread widely.

The musician left on December 12 after being emergency hospitalized due to complications derived from liver cirrhosis.

This devastating outcome has left fans of regional Mexican music dismayed, who mourn the loss of an artist who left a mark on the genre.

His music will continue to resonate in the hearts of his fans, reminding us of the transcendence and power of artistic talent.

Grupo Pesado in mourning

Heavy mourning group, Noé Robles, music, mourning,
Heavy Group mourning the death of Noé Robles PHOTO: Shutterstock

From its official Facebook account, Grupo Pesado expressed its most sincere condolences to the family of Noé Robles, highlighting its respect for the musical legacy he left.

«We regret the unexpected news about the sad death of Noé Robles, wishing a quick resignation and sending a big hug to friends and family,» the post reads.

The children of the deceased musician, visibly affected, shared that liver cirrhosis was the diagnosis that marked his last days.

For their part, the musical community and followers of Grupo Pesado united in displays of support and solidarity in the face of this sad loss.

The death of Noé Robles

Noé Robles, musician, Mexico, mourning, MundoNOW
Heavy group mourning the death of Noé Robles PHOTO: Facebook

Close friends and acquaintances of Noé used their social media accounts as a means to pay tribute to the talented musician and offer words of comfort to his loved ones.

Through social media, Valeria Nena Robles confirmed the death of her father on December 12. Following this, Ricardo Robles -Noé’s brother- published the news.

“It is with pain in my heart that I inform all my family and friends that my brother Noé Robles has just left this world. May God bless him, rest in peace…” he noted.

The loss of Noé Robles has resonated not only in the hearts of his colleagues, but also in those who enjoyed his music over the years, according to Infobae.

Sending their condolences

Grupo Pesado, Noé Robles, musician, mourning, Mexico
Heavy Group mourning the death of Noé Robles PHOTO: Shutterstock

The mourning spread to others singers like Salomón Robles y sus legendarios, who also expressed its condolences for the departure of Noé Robles.

“With great sadness in my heart, I share the news of the death of my brother Noé Robles. His departure leaves an irreplaceable void,» it says in his post.

«But we will always remember his contagious laugh, his warm hugs and the moments we shared together. May he rest in peace,” he added.

The solidarity between the artists highlights the unique connection they share in the music scene, where respect and camaraderie transcend artistic rivalries.

Mourning for Noé Robles

singer, Mexico, death, celebrities, MundoNOW
Heavy Group mourning the death of Noé Robles PHOTO: Shutterstock

The music community came together in a show of respect and affection, remembering Noé Robles’ unique contribution to the rich tradition of the Mexican regional music.

His friends highlighted not only his musical prowess, but also his human quality and the positive impact he left on those who had the privilege of knowing him.

«Rest in peace and a big hug to all the brothers and gentlemen musicians of the Robles dynasty,» said one of the users on social media.

«My deepest condolences to his family and may God have him in his holy kingdom,» «Rest in peace and much strength to all the family and friends,» it reads on Facebook. CLICK TO SEE THE POST.

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