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Street vendor claims to be former vocalist of ‘Grupo Bryndis’

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Street vendor surprises everyone (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Street vendor surprises everyone.
  • He claims to be a former vocalist of a musical group.
  • Ephemeral fame, sincere confession.

In the vast universe of social media, where information spreads at dizzying speeds, stories emerge that arouse the disbelief and curiosity of users.

Recently, a street potato vendor, Regino Sánchez, captured the public’s attention by claiming in a video to be a former member of a famous musical group.

This musical group is nothing less than ‘Grupo Bryndis’, however, after much speculation, the truth has come to light.

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This revelation, spread through TikTok by the user @isra.h.chirray, generated an unexpected stir on the internet.

In the viral interview, Sánchez, while carrying out his duties as a salesman, narrates his supposed experience as a vocalist in the iconic Grupo Bryndis.

He assures that he left the group due to salary limitations and looked for better opportunities in the world of street fried food.

Surprisingly, in his words, he found traveling a more lucrative source of income than his previous musical career.

Street Vendor: A Viral Story on TikTok

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

In recent days, an interview between Sánchez and tiktoker @isra.h.chirray went viral on TikTok.

During their meeting, the modest seller assures that in the past he was part of the group originally from San Luis Potosí.

However, the salary he received as a vocalist was not enough and he left the project to improve his quality of life.

Although traveling seems to offer fewer possibilities for personal improvement compared to the music industry, Regino Sánchez assured that things were better for him now.

Vocal Resemblance: Fact or Fiction?

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Former vocalist street vendor PHOTO: Shutterstock

In his words, he said: ‘Here one earns more, here one earns 10 thousand, 15 thousand, sometimes even 20 thousand a week. They are stylish potatoes, marinated, pigeons,» he told the tiktoker.

The video, to the rhythm of the song «Tu tración», shows Sánchez singing a fragment with a voice timbre that surprisingly resembles the studio version.

This detail, added to the seller’s story, contributed to the content going viral, attracting the attention of users beyond the TikTok platform.

Stay reading this story, because right now this anecdote takes a very unexpected turn.

Pressure of Fame on Social media

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Fame took its toll on Regino Sánchez, who recently admitted through a video shared by user @onlyentretenimiento502 that he had ‘exaggerated’.

The seller confessed that he mentioned his supposed connection with Grupo Bryndis in an improvised way and that, in reality, he is a fervent admirer of grupera music.

«I mentioned it because now they caught me unprepared. I’m really a fan… «, he mentioned.

«He listened to grupera music, I like grupera songs like Temerarios, like Bryndis, etc. Then, it occurred to me,” declared Sánchez.

Street vendor ended up confessing the truth

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Former vocalist street vendor PHOTO: Shutterstock

Despite the seller’s confession, it is relevant and it should be noted that many people initially believed in the authenticity of the story provided by Sánchez.

The notable resemblance in his voice to that of the original vocalist of the Grupo Bryndis led some users to doubt the veracity of Regino Sánchez’s confession.

Comments such as «I imagine it’s a joke, it’s not Tony Solis», «Of course it’s not him», and «I imagine it’s an imitator», «They sing the same», flooded the comments section.


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