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Wedding ends in tragedy when the groom is shot to death leaving the church

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  • He had just married the woman of his dreams.
  • Groom is shot to death as he leaves church.
  • The groom’s mother was allegedly injured by the gunfire.

Tragedies and unexpected events continue to affect many lives. Without a doubt this year that seems to be better than 2021, has also brought with it great surprises and it’s not only celebrities who have gone through difficult times.

A terrifying and unimaginable incident occurred recently, where a young man was killed just when he was taking one of the most important and special steps of his life, marrying the woman of his dreams.

A wedding ended in tragedy in Mexico

Boyfriend shot to death
Photo: Twitter

A great celebration was about to begin after a couple said ‘I do’ but, in a matter of seconds, happiness turned into one of the worst tragedies that can occur, according to Infobae. The unfortunate incident took place this Saturday night in the state of Sonora.

It all happened just outside a church, when an armed man appeared and opened fire, killing one man and a wounding woman behind him, according to what has been reported by the media. Filed Under: groom shot dead

Groom is shot to death as he leaves the church

Boyfriend shot to death
Photo: Twitter

According to reports, a gunman appeared in a church located in the municipality of Caborca and fired at a man and a woman who were leaving after the wedding ceremony. It happened outside the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria temple, according to local media.

At the end of the ceremony, as they left the church, an armed subject fired at the groom. First there was talk of two dead people and many wounded, but it was explained that it was only a man and a woman, who is unofficially said to be the mother of the victim, according to Infobae. Filed Under: grrom shot dead.

The mother of the groom was injured in the shooting

Boyfriend shot to death
Photo: Twitter

Soon authorities arrived and cordoned off the area. Minutes later, they carried out a mobilization to find the person responsible for the armed attack. It is worth mentioning that no arrests have been reported so far.

Preliminary information details that relatives of the victims asked for help so that the groom and the injured woman could be treated immediately. Unfortunately the ambulance took around 20 minutes to reach the scene. Filed Under: groom shot dead.

The groom was shot at least 4 times

The man received at least 4 shots from a firearm
Photo: Twitter

The paramedics tried to resuscitate the groom with CPR and he showed slight vital signs. Both the man and the woman, who is apparently the young man’s mother, were placed on stretchers to be transferred immediately to a hospital but, unfortunately, the victim lost his life on the way.

The news has circulated on social media, where there are videos that show what happened. The bride can be heard screaming in the background. according to Infobae. Filed Under: groom shot dead. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

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