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Texas Governor Greg Abbott militarizes the border as Title 42 ends (VIDEO)

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  • Title 42 ended this week.
  • As the country braces for a surge of migrants, the Texas Governor militarizes the border.
  • Greg Abbott deployed than 2,500 troops.

There is tension at the border as Ttiel 42 ends. In the air one can smell the desperation of those trying to cross into the US and the determination of authorities to keep the southern border safe from the avalanche of immigrants.

At the beginning of May it was announced that the territory separating the United States from Mexico would be reinforced with 1,500 soldiers. A few hours before the end of Title 42, more than 2,500 troops had been deployed.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott deploys troops to the border

Military deployment begins at the border
PHOTO: Screenshot Texas Government

The Governor of Texas, Republican Greg Abbott, ordered the deployment of the tactical groups and it has already begun. This is unprecedented in terms of border security, in response to the thousands of immigrants that have been arriving at the border in recent days.

The governor’s warning message is clear: “Specially trained soldiers for the Texas Tactical Border Force, who will be deployed at critical points along the border to help intercept and repel large groups of migrants attempting to enter Texas illegally.”

Operation Lone Star starts

Start Operation Lone Star
PHOTO: Screenshot Texas Government

Hundreds of Texas National Guard soldiers join the thousands who are part of Operation Lone Star, which began in 2021.

“The Texas National Guard is executing a planned, multi-phased response in preparation for the end of Title 42,” Texas Military Department Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Thomas Suelzer said at a news conference.

The militarization has been progressive

Militarization has been progressive
PHOTO: Screenshot Texas Government

“We have moved troops to access points, added additional drone teams, and increased barrier miles along the border.” Militarization has been progressive to control passage through El Paso and from San Antonio to the Rio Grande Valley.

“There are 29 places you can legally cross into the US, and our job is to make sure we hold that line and keep those places the only places these people can cross,” details the Director of the Department of Public Safety of Texas, Steve McCraw.

Immigrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Guatemala and others are coming to the border

There are immigrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Guatemala and others
PHOTO: Screenshot Texas Government

There is no exact number of migrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, China, Haiti, Africa, Colombia and Nicaragua crowded at the border. They are seen jumping into the river water, struggling in its current.

Not knowing that on the other side, the military will make them go back and give up their aspirations to come to America.

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