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Wedding Cake Ideas for the New Era

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Wedding planning can be a fun, but it can also be a lot of work, especially if you are trying to create an event that represents who you are as a couple, and will accommodate all of your guests, your goals and your budget. There are a ton of details to attend to when you are planning a wedding, from the ceremony to the dress to the rings, the table decor, the invitations, the music…we could go on for hours.

But for now, let’s talk about the sweetest part of any wedding—the cake. If you are picturing a white, tiered creation with floral embellishments and a bride and groom perched on top, then we’re here to open your eyes to more modern cake creations. After all, wedding cake ideas have come a long way in recent years, and if you’re not interested in a traditional (read: boring) cake, then you’re in luck.

The wedding cake dilemma


Remember, the wedding cake is a big deal. Famous wedding cake designer Sylvia Weinstock explains “I see the wedding cake as a beautiful celebration of life. In my new book, Sensational Cakes, I talk about how it’s a way of sharing joy with your loved ones. It’s the ultimate symbol of two families coming together to start a third.” It’s not just dessert and it’s more than just an extension of your table centerpieces. The cake represents your future and your love, and it should taste delicious, look beautiful, and suit your style as you begin your life together.

Weinstock suggests that before a couple chooses a cake, they gather photos of wedding cake ideas they like from wedding magazines and websites. Create a vision board for your cake, but keep in mind that what you end up choosing might be very different from how you always envisioned your cake. And remember that you might need to compromise on your cake design so that you don’t sacrifice structure, flavor and quality. Trust the experts, and don’t be afraid to get a little creative. If you want to play it a little bit safe with your wedding style, then your cake is a great way to experiment a little bit with color, accessories, design and even flavor. Here are some fun ways to create a wedding cake that is modern, fresh, gorgeous and memorable:

Get Metallic

Figure of spouses in cake

While white is traditional and classic, and pale, romantic colors are delicate and beautiful, sometimes you need a pop of something a little more sparkly. According to Sugar Couture’s Penny Stankiewicz in an article for Colin Cowie Weddings, “metallics have made a jump from the runway to the dessert table, as has the use of glitter and sugar gemstones. Bold colors and graphic patterns are all very popular right now.” You can add glitter sprinkles, metallic frosting, edible painted gold, a silver foiled tier or some combination of all of the above. That shimmer will make a big impression to take your cake to the next level.

Add Fresh Flowers

cake with flowers

Florals on a wedding cake aren’t exactly a groundbreaking concept; people have been using frosting flowers forever, but what if you swap those fake flowers for real, fresh, gorgeous orchids? Of course, you need to make sure the flowers have not been sprayed with any pesticides before you put them on a cake that is meant to be consumed by your guests, but fresh flowers are a fun, easy, and even a cheap way to make a simple cake look anything but boring. And it’s a great way to coordinate with your bouquets and centerpieces.

Play Around with Shapes

While round or square tiered wedding cakes are very traditional, they are by no means your only options these days. As Real Simple suggests, you can use hexagons, cubes, spheres and more to make your cake whimsical and modern.

Use Stenciled Monograms


Forget those old-fashioned wedding cake toppers with the traditional bride and groom figurines. No thank you. If you want to personalize your cake to represent you and your spouse, Bride’s says you should try a monogrammed topper with your new initials, or feature a topper with the words “Mr. and Mrs.” to be playful. You can also skip the topper altogether and instead have your monogram featured using stenciled décor directly on the cake itself.

Add a Burst of Color

You can’t really go wrong with a white cake, but you also might not even notice the cake in a room full of people. If you want a cake that sort of blends into the background, that’s fine, but if you want your cake to make an impression and be a focal point, take Martha Stewart’s advice and opt for a burst of color instead. For example, yellow or green can feel light and happy, a deep red wedding cake is romantic and sexy, blue can feel royal and bold, beautiful colors will always get people’s attention.

Be Inspired by Architecture


Choose a cake and frame design that draws inspiration from the architectural designs you love. You can be creative with the shape, design, and format of your cake. In accordance with Martha Stewart Weddings “Just as an architect gives the parameters for a construction site, so a cake maker gives the requirements for a wedding celebration. You must make a choice, whether you want to build it horizontally like an office complex, or vertically like a skyscraper.

Go Mini

If a massive cake for hundreds of people isn’t your thing, do mini cakes or cupcakes instead. There’s no rule that says you have to have a big traditional cake. You can have a cupcake table that is arranged in a decorative and special way, or you can have one smaller cake that you use for the cake-cutting ceremony, but then serve every guest their own mini-cake. Old-fashioned rules no longer apply, so get creative, think about your guests and the vibe you want your wedding to have, and go from there.

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