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1-year-old girl trapped in car in Walmart parking lot

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Girl trapped in car at Walmart (Photo: Flagler County Sheriff's Office)
  • The emergency occurred in Flager County.
  • Authorities were called to the scene.
  • The girl was getting redder and redder.

Parents of a one-year-old girl experienced about 10 minutes of anguish and desperation in a Walmart parking lot.

This occurred after the doors of their car unexpectedly locked, leaving their daughter trapped and exposed to the sweltering heat.

In a panic, the parents struggled to open the doors, but as time passed without success, they decided to call emergency services for help.

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The father discovered that the door was closed and the keys were inside

girl Walmart car Flager, Flager county, Walmart parking lot, girl trapped in the heat, MundoNOW
A girl was trapped in a car in the parking lot of a Flager County Walmart / PHOTO: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

At 5:05 PM, an officer from the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office and a firefighter approached the department store branch in Palm Coast, Florida.

According to the father, he had placed the girl in the vehicle, walked to the other side, and discovered that the door was locked with the keys inside, as stated in the official report by the security team.

«The officers observed that the girl was sweating and appeared to be in distress,» the sheriff reported in a statement accessed by MundoNOW.

The officer informed the parents that too much time had passed since the doors locked and that the heat inside the car could increase further.

Officer breaks the glass to reach the girl

car, sedan, parking, department store, MundoNOW
A girl was trapped in a car in the parking lot of a Flager County Walmart / PHOTO: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

According to the statement, the officer used a shatterball to break the rear passenger window of the vehicle, the one farthest from where the girl was located.

The officer then cleared the remaining glass with his collapsible baton and unlocked the vehicle from the inside. The girl was rescued and evaluated by the Fire Department team.

Fortunately, she was diagnosed in perfect condition despite the exposure to extreme heat inside the car, noted the security team.

Although it was an accident, Sheriff Rick Staly took the opportunity to remind parents to be very cautious and not to leave children inside cars.

“Heat stroke happens very quickly”

PHOTO: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

«Heatstroke can occur very quickly, even if it doesn’t seem that hot outside. Remember, if it has a heartbeat, don’t leave it in your car,» Sheriff Staly emphasized.

This is the second rescue of a child in danger of suffocation due to extreme heat in Florida within two weeks.

The first was a three-year-old girl who had been forgotten by her father in a store parking lot, just days before Mother’s Day.

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