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Gerard Piqué breaks his silence about his retirement and breakup with Shakira

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  • Gerard Piqué gives a revealing interview.
  • After his retirement and his breakup with Shakira, the Spanish footballer speaks.
  • “I always said that when it stopped being important I’d leave it.”

Just a few days after saying goodbye to the world of soccer (forever?), Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué gave a revealing interview where he explained what prompted him to make the decision that took many by surprise — especially since it occurred just a few months after ending his relationship with Colombian singer Shakira.

On the Twitch channel of streamer, YouTuber and Spanish electronic sports presenter Ibai Llanos — who has more than 11 million followers on this platform — the former FC Barcelona player spoke with rare frankness. Without saying her name, he also referred to the mother of his two children.

Gerard Piqué: “I always said that when it stopped being important I’d leave it”

"I have always said that when it was not important I would leave it": Gerard Piqué
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When asked why he decided to leave the field this month, weeks before the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Gerard Piqué said that there were actually many reasons: «People already know that I started the season with a conversation with Xavi (FC Barcelona coach and his former teammate), who told me that it was going to be difficult for me to play.»

“The feelings from the beginning were not the best in general and I saw that the break was an opportunity to make that decision. I always said that when it stopped being important I’d leave it. If there hadn’t been injuries in my position I would have left earlier,» explained Shakira’s ex.

He says he ‘didn’t feel the way he used to feel’

He says he 'didn't feel the way he used to feel'
instagram photo

In another part of the talk he had with Ibai Llanos, which got all kinds of reactions on social media, Gerard Piqué commented that one of the moments when he realized that he had to make the decision to retire was when he had to train after the matches in which he was a substitute.

“I no longer felt the way I felt before. There was a day training at the Camp Nou after a game in which I was about to leave and say, ‘I’m leaving now.’ I saw that it was no longer my place. When they started to get injured I said, ‘I can’t leave the team.’ That’s why I set the break for the World Cup. The farewell? Saturday for me was spectacular. I did not give that much importance to a farewell, but then you realize how much people appreciate you. I don’t like to say goodbye. I also tell you that it’s not a farewell, because I will continue to be linked to the club.”

Gerard Piqué ‘is now free to say what he wants’

Gerard Piqué already 'is free to say what he wants'
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According to Yahoo, Gerard Piqué said in this interview that, despite looking a little thinner than usual, he is fine and that he is free to say what he wants: «I have the opportunity to live a life that is worth it. Every day I wake up in the morning and the first sentence I say is: ‘I’m privileged.’”

“I have played to the limit all my life and I will continue to do so. I know the consequences. I’m like that, but I have recognized it… There are people who like to do everything perfectly and there are people who are different. I like to play to the limit, the rules are like that, so let’s try to make them like that. I left very very happy, I really tell you. I’m very happy. I look back and see that I have made a spectacular journey, I have felt privileged every day of my life for all these years.”

Gerard Piqué says, without mentioning Shakira, that he doesn’t regret partying

Gerard Piqué says that, without mentioning Shakira, he does not regret going to a party
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Finally, and although he never said Shakira’s name, Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué said that he doesn’t regret partying or the pace of his career as a footballer: «We need to go out for lunch and dinner, to have a social life, to party… Everything has a balance in life.»

“I have had a career of almost 20 years and I have taken care of myself to be able to be there, but if you don’t go out partying, being like, going out now? It’s just that it’s mandatory. If you don’t party for five years… there’s something dark. It doesn’t matter if you’re a footballer or a waiter, it doesn’t matter.” According to Récord, the former FC Barcelona player joined Ibai Llanos to create the Kings League, a competition that will unite retired footballers and content creators. With information from Sport, Yahoo and Record. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

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