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Will Gerard Piqué go to jail? The former footballer is under investigation

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Gerard Piqué is under investigation (Photo: FOTO Getty Images vía Archivo MundoNOW/Shutterstock)
  • Gerard Piqué is under investigation for corruption and money laundering.
  • Scandal in the Royal Spanish Football Federation.
  • Piqué could be in trouble.

Alarms are going off around the famous former soccer player Gerard Piqué, who has been in the eye of the storm recently.

Since his split from Shakira, Piqué has been the subject of conversation on social media and in the press.

On this occasion the former footballer isn’t being scrutinized for his relationship with Shakira.

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Gerard Piqué is under investigation

Gerard Piqué under judicial investigation, Spain, Luis Rubiales, Royal Spanish Football Federation, Gerard Piqué
PHOTO: Getty Images via MundoNOW Archive

Ex-footballer Gerard Piqué is in the spotlight, not because of his ex Shakira, but because of a more complex situation.

It has been revealed that Piqué is under investigation in Spain for allegedly offering «handouts» to various directors of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

Standing out among them is Luis Rubiales, former president of the Federation.

It is said this occured during the negotiations to move the Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, according to EFE.

Investigation into Piqué’s bank accounts and companies

Gerard Piqué, judicial investigation, Spain, Luis Rubiales, Royal Spanish Football Federation,
PHOTO Getty Images via MundoNOW Archive

Spanish authorities are carrying out an investigation that involves 96 bank accounts and 27 companies in which Gerard Piqué has some type of ownership or participation.

Luis Rubiales, who was president of the RFEF until last September, was arrested getting off a plane at the Barajas airport in Madrid.

However, a few hours later he was released after giving his statement to the authorities.

The investigation focuses on the hiring made by Rubiales during his tenure at the RFEF.

Operation Brody and the soccer scandal

Gerard Piqué, Spain, Luis Rubiales, Royal Spanish Football Federation, Authorities
Piqué is under investigation / PHOTO Shutterstock

The investigation, known as Operation Brody, has created a great stir in the world of Spanish soccer.

It focuses on possible illegal contracts between the RFEF and several companies during Rubiales’ presidency, which spanned from 2018 to 2023.

This scandal arises in a context where Rubiales was already being criticized and questioned for other events.

Let us remember that he caused controversy by kissing soccer player Jenni Hermoso on the mouth without her consent during the Spanish women’s team’s world title celebration last August.

What are the possible consequences?

Prison, Football, Accusations, Spain, MundoNOW
PHOTO Shutterstock

The Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court has requested two years and six months in prison for Rubiales for the aforementioned kiss.

In addition, probation, a ban on communicating with Hermoso and financial compensation for the soccer player have been requested.

Prosecutors have also requested a year in prison for Rubiales and others involved, including Jorge Vilda, former coach of the Spanish women’s team.

Rubén Rivera, former marketing manager of the RFEF, and Albert Luque, sports director of the Spanish men’s team are also implicated.

Gerard Piqué is under investigation

Gerard Piqué, Spain, Luis Rubiales, Royal Spanish Football Federation, Authorities
Piqué is under investigation / PHOTO Shutterstock

These men are accused of coercion, related to alleged pressure to justify kissing Hermoso without consent, according to EFE.

In the midst of this scandal, Miguel Ángel Galán Castellanos, president of the Centro Nacional de Formación de Entrenadores de Fútbol (CENAFE), has harsh criticism for Gerard Piqué.

He suggested that Piqué’s legal situation could get worse.

This is because Pique’s company Kosmos, is also involved in the investigation along with Rubiales.

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