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The Georgia Senate advances two anti-immigrant bills

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Georgia passes anti-immigrant bills (Photo: The Associated Press)
  • Georgia passes anti-immigrant bills.
  • They force local authorities to help with deportations.
  • Controversy arises following Texas SB 4.

In recent days, state lawmakers have targeted migrants who do not have their papers in order.

This comes after Texas passed SB 4, empowering police to arrest people suspected of entering the country irregularly.

Now, Georgia is on the way to passing two more controversial anti-immigrant bills.

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Georgia passes anti-immigrant bills

Immigrants, Laws, Undocumented, News, Georgia approves measures against migrants
Photo: Shutterstock vía MundoNOW Archive

On Thursday, March 21, the Georgia Senate approved two bills aimed at compelling local authorities to cooperate in the deportation of migrants.

The bills target the state’s sanctuary policies, protecting undocumented migrants.

The move comes in response to the murder of a nursing student at the University of Georgia, that was allegedly committed by an undocumented Venezuelan migrant.

It was reported that HB 301 received 34 votes in favor and 18 against.

Georgia passes two controversial bills

Impact, Community, Hispanics, USA, Migration
Photo: Shutterstock vía MundoNOW Archive

This legislation would penalize cities and counties that harbor unauthorized immigrants in the United States, according to The Associated Press.

It will be enforced by cutting off the majority of state aid and removing elected officials from officer.

Meanwhile HB 1105 was passed by a vote of 34-19.

This law aims to compel prison authorities to review the immigration status of inmates.

Debates over public safety and crime rates

Authorities, Challenges, Security, Decisions, Government
Photo: Shutterstock vía MundoNOW Archive

Meanwhile, The Los Angeles Times noted that all Republicans voted in favor of the bills, while Democrats opposed them.

Republican State Senator John Albers emphasized that this is a matter of public safety and targets criminals.

However, studies show that migrants have lower crime rates compared to native-born American citizens.

The arrest of José Ibarra, a 26-year-old Venezuelan migrant, in connection with the murder of Laken Riley, prompted these two bills.

The Georgia Senate votes

Georgia passes anti-immigrant bills, hb 301, hb 1105, politics
Photo: Shutterstock vía MundoNOW Archive

Riley was a 22-year-old nursing student. Ibarra is said to have illegally entered the United States in 2022, according to immigration authorities.

The vote on Thursday, March 21, came after a Senate committee approved two less stringent bills.

This raises questions about the final aspect of the immigration package, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Laken’s father Jason Riley, told senators that so-called «sanctuary» policies in Athens-Clarke County contributed to his daughter’s murder.

How these laws could affect immigrants

Georgia passes anti-immigrant bills, hb 301, hb 1105, politics
Photo: Shutterstock vía MundoNOW Archive

However, the mayor of Athens-Clarke denied that the city is violating the law with sanctuary policies, according to The Los Ángeles Times.

HB 301 would allow any resident to sue an agency that violates a 2009 state law, cutting off state and federal aid, except for some essential services.

On the other hand, HB 1105 would establish new requirements for checking the immigration status of inmates, according to The Associated Press.

Furthermore, the bill would deny state funds to local governments that do not cooperate with immigration authorities.

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