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Georgia Hispanic, Black and AAPI Caucuses unite

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Georgia, Caucus, ethnic minority, meeting
Georgia Legislative Caucuses unite (Photo:MundoNow)
  • Georgia Legislative Caucuses unite for a town hall.
  • Hispanic, Black and AAPI lawmakers working together.
  • They’re striving for safety and prosperity.

Georgia’s Black, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and Hispanic Caucuses gathered to discuss common challenges.

The purpose of this meeting was also to explore avenues for collaboration and mutual support.

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The meeting featured prominent political figures from across the state.

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Georgia Legislative Caucuses unite for a town hall

Ethnic Minority Caucus, Community Unity, Xenophobia and Discrimination, Public Safety, Intercultural Collaboration, Senator Jason Estevez
Photo: MundoNow

State Representative Carl Gilliard, Representative Michelle Au and Senator Jason Estevez, represented the Black, AAPI and Hispanic communities, respectively.

They discussed a variety of topics including public safety, support for small businesses, healthcare and how the unity among these communities can enhance their collective prosperity.

«Our differences are minor compared to the issues we face with policies and laws in the legislature,» Senator Estevez affirmed.

He highlighted the importance of solidarity among communities in the framework of the town hall in Georgia.

Facing xenophobia and discrimination together

Rep. Michelle Au, Small Business Support, Inclusive Health Care, Immigration Policy, Policing Cultural Competency, Reactive Legislation, and Rights.
Photo: MundoNow

A critical point addressed during the meeting was xenophobia and discrimination.

Representative Au raised the murder of Laken Riley, emphasizing that individual crimes should not be used to stigmatize entire communities.

This perspective highlights concerns about reactive legislation and how it can negatively impact communities of color and immigrants.

Additionally, the impact of policies like 278G, which requires local police to report undocumented individuals, generates an atmosphere of fear and distrust.

Overcoming barriers to safety and reporting crimes

Georgia Legislative Caucuses, black, hispanic, aapi, town hall
Photo: MundoNow

This atmosphere can deter individuals from seeking help from police when their safety is at risk, increasing the vulnerability of these communities.

The three minority Georgia Legislative Caucuses also reflected on the tragic shootings of March 16, 2021, which claimed the lives of eight people, six of them Asian women.

This underscored the difficulties faced by victims of hate and discrimination in reporting these incidents, whether due to fear, language barriers or immigration status.

Representative Carl Gilliard emphasized that these communities represent 50% of the state’s population, underscoring the need for unity and joint action.

Three Georgia Legislative Caucuses unite for collaboration and change

Georgia Legislative Caucuses, hispanic, black, aapi, town hall
Georgia Legislative Caucuses / Photo: MundoNow

«We have work to do,» Gilliard said, inviting communities to mobilize and unite on a common front to address their challenges.

This meeting of these three Georgia Legislative Caucuses marks an important step toward mutual understanding and inter-community collaboration.

It highlights shared challenges and seeks joint solutions.

These communities can not only more effectively address the issues that affect them but also foster a more inclusive and supportive state.

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