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Chronicle: Fateful Labor Day for three Hispanic families

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Georgia I-85 Teenager Accident, tragedy, Georgia, MundoNOW, accident
Photos: Gwinnett County Police Department
  • Terrible Georgia I-85 Teenager Accident
  • Main highway was paralyzed
  • Tragically, five boys lost their lives

Monday September 4th was a public holiday in the United States. Many people took the day off to celebrate Labor Day.

Entire families left their states to visit recreation centers or simply took advantage of the free time to meet their loved ones.

But it wasn’t all love and happiness, as, early in the morning, a terrible tragedy occurred on the main highway of Georgia.

It was around 4:00 am when on I-85 a car in which five teenagers were traveling crashed in the worst way.

Georgia I-85 Teenager Accident

Labor Day tragedy, Georgia, Atlanta, MundoNOW, police
PHOTO: Gwinnett County Police Department

According to the reports of the Gwinnett County Police Department said vehicle lost control and veered off the highway.

This caused it to spin several meters before crashing onto the road below, leading to the instant death of all its occupants.

The victims comprised one Asian and four Hispanic teenagers. Tragically, they were all minors.

The deceased were identified as Katy Gaitán, Ashley Gaitán, Coral Lorenzo, Abner Santana, and Hung Nguyen.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation

Fateful Chronicle Labor Day, automobile, car, accident, Georgia, MundoNOW
Photos taken from the GoFundme platform that his relatives have made public to collect help for his funeral expenses.

Authorities have yet to reveal the potential causes behind the accident but have confirmed that their investigations continue.

«All the deceased were occupants of the same vehicle, which had vaulted over the barrier of the elevated ramp,» the police mentioned in a statement.

“It has come to our knowledge that at least three of the deceased were students from Dekalb County Lakeside High School,” the statement further added.

Investigators are urging anyone with pertinent information or anyone who might have witnessed the accident to come forward immediately.

Ask for help to pay for last good bye expenses

Labor Day, mishap, arrest, crash, accident
Photos taken from the GoFundme platform that his relatives have made public to collect help for his funeral expenses.

And while the investigation concludes, the relatives of the victims are requesting support to cover funeral expenses. The ages of the deceased ranged from 16 to 19 years.

Ashley was 16 years old, while her sister Katy, both with the last name Gaitán, 17. Coral Lorenzo was just 17 years old, and Hung Nguyen, 18. The oldest of them was Abner Santana, 19.

Two of these boys had just graduated high school. If you want to help their loved ones in this pain, here is their online account.

Please help us share this story. Thank you for reading my chronicle today in MundoNow. Until next time.

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